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 West Virginia Department of Education Summer Challenges
ncludes challenges for both math and reading from a variety of sources.  




Reading and Math Book and Resources(Successnet)

Science Book



Star Reading/Star Math/AR-Star Ren.

Explore Learning --Gizmos






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I Know That








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Scholastic Parents Page

Family Fun Magazine

Wondertime Magazine

Great Schools-The Parent Guide for K-12 Success

Global 21 Link-Click Below:






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Fox 46

Harrison County Board of Education

Clarksburg Public Library

City of Clarksburg





Literacy Fair Links
I Know That-games for every grade level and every subject (registration is optional)
Free building game for intermediate grades (click on options to set level) type games for all grade levels
Study Stack-links for vocabulary games that correlate with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade reading series
Skillwise- website by BBC Schools that includes lessons, games, and quizzes for literacy and math
Read, Write, Think- applications for students to create poetry, graphic organizers, and other publications

Science Planet Webquest for Mrs. Knight's Science
Survey for Mrs. Airhart






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