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There will be a 2-Hour Delay Thursday, September 18, 2014 for the following schools due to a power outage: South Harrison High School - South Harrison Middle School - Lost Creek Elementary - West Milford Elementary
Harrison County Schools

James V. Kirby, Attendance Director
P.O. Box 1370
Clarksburg, WV 26301

     The Office of Social Service and Attendance is attempting to implement a comprehensive array of services utilized to address the needs of the county schools as well as the students enrolled in those schools The Office of Social Service and Attendance serves each of these schools with truancy services, homeless services, coordination of homeschooling, liaison to county courthouse, verification of enrollment for driver’s licenses, children’s apparel program services, provides in-services for teachers and administrators on a variety of topics and skills. 


Truancy Services
The first and foremost service that is offered by the Office of Social Service and Attendance is that of truancy monitoring. Currently in Harrison County there is a staff of 1.25 to address the attendance concerns of the county.
The truancy services that are offered include serving of the CA-2 forms in conjunction with parent meetings, resource to the school and the parents, filing of juvenile petitions in circuit court and criminal complaints in magistrate court. In addition to the preliminary and adjudicatory hearings the Attendance Director also participates in all status hearing as well as the quarterly judicial reviews on all students in the court system.
The Attendance Director also serves as the Homeschool Coordinator for Harrison County.    This service also includes the management of all homeschool files and the monitoring of each case regarding the requirements of the law.
This particular service is the Homeless Liaison responsibilities. The Attendance Director along with the Title I Director developed the FIT Program (Families in Transition)to address the needs of students and families who find themselves homeless. This program addresses the Federal Law known as The McKinney-Vento Act but gives the services a more positive and up lifting name. This service includes clothing for the homeless children if needed, tutoring services, school supplies, transportation to the school of origin, assistance in enrolling students in school as well as linkage and referral to needed health services  

Driver’s License Services

This service addresses the driver’s license verification procedure according to state law.    In addition to the approval of the forms the office also revokes the driver’s licenses in accordance with the law quarterly or more often if time allows.
Children’s Apparel Program
The Children’s Apparel Program (CAP) is a program that was developed with the local Medbrook Medical Center. The Medical Center donates finances to the Harrison County Board of Education for the Children’s Apparel Fund. This fund is utilized to purchase needed clothing for the students of Harrison County Schools. Each school has a volunteer representative responsible for the identification of student’s needs and the purchasing of the clothing. The volunteer representative will meet the family at the local K-Mart store and fulfil the clothing needs of the student. The Attendance Director is the CAP fund coordinator and is responsible for the approval and general accounting of the fund


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