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Liberty High School
Student Handbook


Principal Pamela A. Knight





PHONE 326-7470


This handbook is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an agreement with students or parents regarding the contents herein. The school system reserves the right to modify policies governing the operation of the school at any time such changes are considered necessary.


Students and Parents:

On behalf of the administration and staff, I welcome you to the 2010-2011 school year at Liberty High School. The programs at Liberty High School, in depth and variety, cover a range of activities, experiences, and successes. Liberty High School is committed to the belief that high expectations are a basic requirement for outstanding results. We believe that to provide for the development of productive citizens, good students, and good people, we must provide positive examples and create opportunities for students in academics, arts, and athletics. We believe strongly in the power of academic progress, positive achievement, and persistence. Students often have preconceived notions of their own abilities, and we make every effort to advise, teach, and lead them beyond the boundaries of their own expectations.

It is essential that all students and parents read the handbook so there may be as few misunderstandings as possible. When this handbook does not give you the information you need, you should contact your principal or assistant principal for help.

Students, this is your school. Make the most of what it has to offer and contribute your time and talents wisely. Academics and activities lead to success. Get involved! Your success is your parents’ success and pride. Be proud of your school and always conduct yourself in such a manner that your actions will reflect pride in yourself, your school, and your community. We all share the responsibility for the school’s reputation.

The goal of Liberty High School is EXCELLENCE and striving to reach this goal must be a cooperative effort on the part of the students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community. We earnestly solicit your cooperation in this venture and assure you that the result will be well worth the effort. Therefore, I urge you to become actively involved in your student’s studies, extra-curricular activities, and the pride that Liberty High School offers.

Let's show our "Mountaineer Pride"!

Mrs. Pamela A. Knight, Principal

Mr. Steven G. Gibson, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Mrs. Donna D. Hage, Assistant Principal


Harrison County Schools may disclose personally identifiable information from the education records of a student who is in attendance if it has given notice that information has been designated as directory information (File JR-R). "Directory Information" includes a student’s name, address, telephone listing, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student. Parents who choose not to have directory information disclosed must notify the school in writing.


In accordance with Federal law and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability and retaliation. If you require information about this program, activity or facility in a language other than English, contact the USDA agency responsible for the program or activity, or any USDA office. To file a complaint alleging discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC 20250-9410, or call toll free (866)632-9992 (Voice). TDD users can contact the USDA through local relay or the Federal Relay at (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866) 377-8642 (relay voice users). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


This handbook is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an agreement with students or parents regarding the contents herein. The school system reserves the right to modify policies governing the operation of the school at any time such changes are considered necessary.


Learning at

Liberty High School is geared toward making useful, independent-minded, creative, self-disciplined future citizens. Basic to this school’s philosophy of education is a belief in the worth of each student as an individual entity. Creativity, integrity, loyalty, and compassion should be the hallmarks of a graduating senior. It is toward these goals that Liberty gears its philosophy of education.

With society’s leap into an age of high technology,

The faculty, support staff, and administrators of

The school seeks to build upon the racial, cultural, religious, and economical backgrounds of the diverse student body. Each student is given the opportunity, through natural helpers and the compassion of the faculty, to obtain better moral and family values. Moreover, education must prepare all students to recognize and accept differences in others. It should help students to cope with the problems of a changing world and to become useful, productive members of society.

the school endeavors to foster knowledge of the humanities as well as sciences and math to provide a sense of balance in each student’s education. The school attempts to aid the student to reach his greatest potential in academics and provide positive learning opportunities in a scholastic environment. Liberty High School believe that teaching and learning must be meaningful and challenging and must provide a positive experience in the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, which are the fundamental survival skills. Teachers assume a personal responsibility for the education of each student and serve as role models and motivators. The faculty and administrators create a climate in which all students can maximize their potential.


Liberty High School

perseveres as a bond among students, parents, staff, and community to prepare students to lead a productive, peaceful, and purposeful life.


We believe:


this team (of students, parents, staff, and community) models and promotes a rigid, safe, and supportive environment of equality, acceptance, and respect.


through collaboration and regular communication, this team will work together to make students responsible and enthusiastic learners.


with emphasis on a rigorous and relevant curriculum, students will prepare and be supported to contribute to our 21st century society in an interconnected world.


Mrs. Pamela A. Knight Principal

Mr. Steven G. Gibson Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Mrs. Donna D. Hage Assistant Principal

Mrs. Deb Ciesla Secretary

Mrs. Monica Audia Secretary

Mrs. Beth Moore Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Diana Minutelli Guidance Counselor


Special Ed

Allen, Ms.

Vocational Ed.

Amodio, Mr.

Tech Ed.

Ashcraft, Ms.

Special Ed.

Bastin, Mr.

Social Studies

Bode, Mr.

Video Journal.

Brown, Ms.


Brunetti, Mrs.


Caloccia, Mr.

Tech Ed.

Capozzi, Mrs.


Carr, Mr.

Vocational Ed.

Cole, Mrs.

Vocational Ed.

Costa, Ms.


Crim, Mrs.


Day, Mr.


Fischer, Mrs.


Hawkins, Ms.

Special Ed.

Hill, Mrs.


Hinerman, Mrs.


Hinkle, Mrs.


Howe, Mrs.


Hutson, Mrs.

Special Ed.

King, Mr.


Kirkwood, Mrs.


Marino, Mrs.


Marsicano, Mrs.


Mearns, Ms.

Distance Learn.

Monohan, Mr.

Social Studies

Mortensen, Ms.


Newlon, Dr.

Vocational Ed.

Nicewarner, Mr.

Health/Phy. Ed.

Nutt, Mr.

Health/Dr. Ed.

Assistant Principal/Athletic Dir. Steve Gibson

Assistant Principal Donna D. Hage

One Mountaineer Drive

Clarksburg, WV 26301

(304) 326-7470





operates a closed campus. Students must stay on school grounds from the time they arrive, even if the first period has not yet started, until dismissal or until they are picked up by the bus. Once a student has signed out in the office to leave, he/she must leave the campus.

The administration must know who is in the building and why they are there.



All visitors, including school alumni, must obtain a Visitor’s Pass from the office or be accompanied by one of the school personnel.


No student is permitted to bring other students or relatives to school to visit or to attend classes.


If unauthorized individuals are in the building or on school grounds without a Visitor’s Pass, they are trespassing, and police may be called in to remove them.


No visitors, except those on official school business, will be allowed on school grounds. Only employed personnel and students are to be in the halls without a Visitor’s Pass.




Student Dismissal 2:55 pm

Teacher Dismissal 3:05 pm


9:37 am First Bell

9:45 – 10:15 First Block

10:20 – 10:50 Second Block

10:50 First Lunch & Regular Schedule


8:37 am First Bell

8:45 – 9:45 First Block

9:50 – 10:50 Second Block

10:50 First Lunch & Regular Schedule


11:50 – 12:20 Third Block

12:25 – 1:00 Fourth Block




















August 19 First Day for Students (2 hour early dismissal)

September 6 Labor Day (no school)

September 22 Student 2-hour early dismissal

September 30 End of 1

October 7 Report Cards issued

October 11 Instructional Support & Enhancement Day*

November 2 Election Day

November 11

November 15 End of 2

November 17 Student 2-hour early dismissal

November 22-26 Thanksgiving Break - No School

November 29 Report Cards issued

December 22 Instructional Support & Enhancement Day*

December 23-Dec. 31 Christmas Recess - No School

January 1

st 6 weeks grading period 1st six weeks No School Veteran’s Day – No School nd 6 weeks grading period 2nd six weeks New Year’s Holiday (no school)

January 3 Classes Resume

January 10, 11, & 12 Semester Examinations

January 12

End of 3rd 6 weeks & 1st Semester

January 13 First day of Second Semester

January 17

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday (no school)

January 20 Report Cards issued

January 26 Student 2-hour early dismissal

February 21 Instructional Support & Enhancement Day*

February 24 End of 4

March 3 Report Cards issued

March 23 Student 2-hour early dismissal

April 7 End of 5

April 14 Report Cards issued

April 21 Instructional Support & Enhancement Day*

April 22-29 Spring Break - No School

May 2 Classes Resume

May 24, 25, 26 Semester Examinations

May 27 Curriculum Development Day

May 30 Memorial Day (no school)

May 31 Curriculum Development Day

June 1

3rd six weeks th 6 weeks grading period 4th six weeks th 6 weeks grading period 5th six weeks End of 6th 6 weeks & 2nd Semester

Instructional Support & Enhancement Day*

June 2-9 Outside School Environment Days


– NO School

*Student attendance at school is

encouraged but not required on Instructional Support & Enhancement/Faculty Senate Days. Dates are subject to change if there is an extension of the school year due to adverse weather conditions.



*Concentration courses are identified courses that relate to the major/cluster chosen on the 5-year plan.

SEQUENCE OF REQUIRED COURSES - Courses listed are in the order in which they will be taken.

1. English


Classes of 2009-2012 and Beyond - All Pathways

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12


2. Social Studies


Classes of 2009-2011 - All Pathways

United States Studies to 1900

World Studies to 1900

20 and 21



st Centuries Class of 2012 and Beyond - All Pathways

World Studies to 1900

United States Studies to 1900

20 and 21

Civics for the 21

st Centuries st Century

3. Science


Skilled and Entry Pathways

Classes of 2009-2011

CATS 9 and two (2) credits above the CATS 9 Level

Professional Pathway

CATS 9 and three (3) credits above the CATS 9 Level


Skilled Pathway

Class of 2012 and Beyond

Physical Science

Biology or Conceptual Biology

Chemistry or Conceptual Chemistry

Professional Pathway

Physical Science

Biology or Conceptual Biology

Chemistry or Conceptual Chemistry


th Credit must be above Physical Science

4. Mathematics


Entry Pathway - graduation class of 2009

Classes of 2009 - 2011

2 of the 3 credits being Algebra I and above

Entry Pathway – graduation class of 2010

Four mathematics credits are required with at least 2 of the 4 credits being Algebra I and above

Skilled and Professional Pathways –

graduation classes of 2009-2011

Four mathematics credits are required with at least 3 of the 4 credits must be Algebra I and above.


Skilled Pathway

Class of 2012 and Beyond

Algebra I or Algebra Support & Algebra I

Geometry or Applied Geometry

Conceptual Mathematics

College Transition Mathematics or Algebra II

Professional Pathway

Algebra I


Algebra II


Pre-Calculus, or Mathematics College Courses, or AP Mathematics Courses or College Transition Mathematics Course

*Students in the professional pathway and college bound students in the skilled pathway, who do not achieve the State assessment College Readiness benchmark for mathematics, shall be required to take a college transition mathematics course during their senior year.

*It is the intent that students will take mathematics annually but must take at least three (3) mathematics classes in grades 9-12.


5. Foreign Language – Professional Pathway Only

A. Classes of 2009-2012 & Beyond

2 credits in the same foreign language

6. Physical Education and Health

A. Classes of 2009-2012 & Beyond – All Pathways

Physical Education


7. Fine Arts

A. Classes of 2009-2012 & Beyond – All Pathways

1 credit of a Fine Art

8. Experiential Learning is required and must be in

an area related to the student’s career cluster as reflected in the student’s Five Year Plan.


. Elective credits are the additional offerings which meet a student’s specific needs, interests, and abilities.


Sophomore 6 credits

Junior 13 credits

Senior 20 credits

The credits required for grade placement must include completion of English, science, math, and social studies from the previous grade. Students will not be promoted or moved up to the next class level until the end of each year. Students will be assigned to an A/A group based upon their credits at the beginning /ending of each school year. This status will be used for all grade level privileges.


Each student is responsible for paying dues to his/her homeroom teacher who is to issue a receipt at the time of payment. The amount of dues payable is:

Freshman $ 7.00 Junior $10.00

Sophomore $ 7.00 Senior $10.00

Dues should be paid as soon as possible after the beginning of each school year. If dues are not paid by December 1 of the current school year, there will be a $3.00 late fee assessed. If dues are not paid for one year, the amount of dues plus the late fee will be carried to the next year.

A junior who has not paid his/her dues for the freshman, sophomore and junior years is not eligible to attend the Junior/Senior Prom.

A senior who has not paid his/her dues for any of the years of attendance atLiberty High School


is not eligible to attend the Junior/Senior Prom or senior activities.


Schedule changes must be made within the first five days of the beginning of each term. For schedule changes and guidance services, students with last name A-K, see Mrs. Moore, and those with L-Z see Mrs. Minutelli.

Changes will only be considered in classes where slots are available. Schedule changes will not be made based on personality conflicts, individual course assignments, lunch schedules, etc. When schedule changes are requested, the teachers concerned will be consulted for approval.

Guidance services

are available for every student at Liberty High School. Services include: assistance with educational planning; interpretation of test scores; occupational information; career information; study assistance; or help with home, school, social concerns, or any questions the student may feel needs to be discussed with the counselor. The counselors also assist seniors in applying for colleges and exploring scholarships and need-based financial aid opportunities.


The school will have two established evening parent-teacher conferences on Oct. 11 and Feb 21; time will be announced.

Parents may wish to have conferences with one or more of their child’s teachers, counselors, or principals at times other than the scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences. Conferences are encouraged, but it is important to call the school to schedule all conferences. Teachers will not be called out of classes for individual conferences because by so doing, instruction of other students is denied. All conferences must be scheduled during the teacher’s conference period, which are listed on the school’s website.


Before permanently leaving school, a student should report to the guidance counselor and look at all options before making such an important decision. The parent/guardian must be contacted about this decision before any action can be taken. After conferring with a counselor, the student must complete the withdrawal process properly in the event the student should ever decide to return to this school or another school.


Students are cautioned not to keep money or other valuables in their locker or in the gym dressing rooms. All valuables should be kept within sight.

Liberty High School will not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.

At the beginning of each school year or any time a new student enrolls in school, an

Emergency Care Card is given to the student. It is very important that parents complete this card, which includes a place for parental consent for school officials to request medical treatment of the student, as provided by law. Parents shall also be asked to supply other information that could be required in case of an emergency. Serious medical conditions should be recorded on the form, and the form should be updated as needed. It is critical that school officials know where to contact parents in the event of an emergency.


The school is not authorized to distribute any medications, including aspirin. If a student brings medication to school during school

hours, the medication must show the student’s name on the container and should be left in the office with directions for administering. The "Authorization for Medication Administration" form must be completed in its entirety (See Harrison County Schools Policy and Administrative Regulations Guide - Administration of Medication).


Any student

who leaves school before the end of the school day must sign out in the office, and a school official must speak with a parent. Students attending college classes must also sign out in the office. Any student who does not properly sign out will be considered truant and subject to the Harrison County Discipline Policy.

Students who must leave school for doctor or dental appointments and for other approved reasons must provide the school with an appointment card and a note signed by their parent/guardian. No student will be permitted to leave the school without a note signed by his/her parent or guardian. Students will not be excused to leave school with anyone other than a parent or guardian unless the parent or guardian personally contacts one of the building principals. Students leaving early must be signed out from the office by a parent/guardian, unless prior arrangements have been made with one of the school principals. Students will not be excused for invalid reasons.


Students are asked to be courteous at all times and to stay to the right when walking in the halls. Students are permitted to talk freely during class changes; however, running, shouting, use of profanity, pushing or shoving, and horseplay or roughhousing is not permitted.


Students shall be held responsible for school and personal property. Any student who damages or destroys school or personal property shall be subject to disciplinary action and liability for the cost of restoring the property. Any student who steals school or personal property shall be subject to suspension or expulsion. Parents shall be liable for property stolen or damaged by their minor children.


The Harrison County School System will provide each student with textbooks for his/her classes. It is the responsibility of the student to take care of the books that are issued. If the book is not returned at the time the student leaves the class either during or at the end of the term, a lost book fee is assessed.

It is the responsibility of the parent to see that either the textbook or fee is received by

Liberty High School. Another textbook will not be issued until the book is returned or the fee is paid.


The office phones are always busy. Therefore, only in emergencies will students be permitted to use the office phones. Students are not to be excused from class to use the telephones. There are public pay telephones located in the front hall area. They are to be used only before school and during lunch period.


If a student becomes ill, office personnel will contact parents/guardians. No student will be allowed to leave school without the consent of a school official and a parent or other person designated on the Emergency Care Card on file in the office.


(Forms for Free or Reduced Meals will be made available.)

Breakfast - $0.85 Lunch - $1.40 Extra Milk - $0.35


Pregnant Students


Each student will be assigned a locker. A student is to use the locker assigned to him/her, and only that student is permitted to use

that locker.

Please inform your counselor, nurse, principal, or other school official if you should need additional foods because of pregnancy. Pregnancy increases the nutritional needs of students. These needs will be met through the school meals program. Students are not permitted to share lockers. Any item found in the locker will be the responsibility of the person assigned to that locker. Each student is responsible for the proper care of the locker and is expected to keep it neat and clean. Only school issued locks may be used on the lockers, and a $7.00 fee to cover the cost of the lock will be charged. The purchased lock belongs to that student and can be used from freshman year through graduation.




When a student has been absent upon returning to school, the student must have a note signed by a parent or guardian or a medical doctor indicating the reason for the absence(s).

If a student is going to be absent for an extended period of time, the parent may call and inform the administration of this and request homework assignments. When the student returns to school, the student must have a note signed by a medical doctor indicating the reason for the absence(s).

attendance is essential for a student’s successful progress in the instructional program, in proper contribution in citizenship, and in the work place. Student absenteeism affects the whole school operation. Habitually absent students quite often end up on the school dropout roll instead of the honor roll. ALL CLAIMS FOR ABSENCE VERIFICATION MUST BE DONE WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS OF RETURN TO SCHOOL. Any unexcused absence forfeits a student’s eligibility for any exam exemption.

Liberty High School

follows the Harrison County Attendance Policy, which can be obtained upon request from the school (See Harrison County Schools Policy and Administrative Regulations Guide Attendance).


Any student who is absent from or late to school on a given day is not permitted to participate in any extra-curricular activity that night unless a medical or legal professional’s excuse is provided or administration has deemed weather was a factor.



Habitual tardiness to class will be dealt with as a disciplinary problem. If teacher warnings and lunch detention assignments do not solve the problem, suspension from school may be necessary.

The following policy will be followed for tardies:

emphasizes punctuality. When a student arrives at school late, the student is absent. By Harrison County policy a student missing any part of a period is counted absent for that period. Car problems are not legitimate excuses for tardiness. Students are allowed five (5) minutes for changing classes and going to the restroom; therefore, they should not be tardy for classes.
Students are not permitted to attend or participate in any school-related activity (home or away) while serving OSS until the end of the regular school day of the last day of OSS.


1-2 Tardies Verbal Warning (Teacher documentation)


notified by teacher

3 Tardies 1 day lunch detention & parents are


4 Tardies 3 days lunch detention


further disciplinary action

5 Tardies or more referral to administration for


The school will periodically conduct emergency drills. When these occur, students should move quickly and orderly outside or to specific locations within the building. Teachers are trained in emergency evacuation procedures and will provide students with necessary instructions.


Food, drinks, and snacks will not be allowed in any classroom at any time or hallway.

All breakfast and lunch items must be eaten in the cafeteria. Snacks purchased out of the vending machines or brought from home may not be consumed in any classroom or hallway.


All students are expected to follow classroom, school, and county rules and regulations during school or at any school function (See Harrison County Schools Policy and Administrative Regulations Guide

Student Code of Conduct). The following disciplinary options may be used depending on code infraction:


Lunch Detention


Loss of Parking Permit


Loss of Assembly Privileges


After School Detention

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