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                                                                                       Education: Master of Arts-Counseling-Marshall University 2002

Masters + 45; WVDE National Certification-Counseling

Professional Certifications: Licensed Professional Counselor-LPC

                                 National Certified Counselor-NCC

                                 WVDE Certified School Counselor


I have been the school counselor at Lost Creek since 2009, and have worked professionally with children and their families since 1996.

I absolutely love to be a part of the great faculty of Lost Creek Elementary School. The students maintain the highest personal and academic standards and the community of Lost Creek is so supportive of our great community school!  

I facilitate small groups, as well as provide classroom guidance activities for each grade Pre-K through 5 which concentrate on topics such as character education, bullying, grief, anger management, student diversity, and of course, one-on-one counseling will always be available.

I coordinate supplementary collegiate trips to WVU in October for 5th Grade and Fairmont State University in April for 4th Grade.




Small Groups

Banana Splits-(3rd, 4th & 5th grades) An interactive, discussion group for students who have experienced divorce/separation/adoption. This group provides a therapeutic environment in which the students are able to safely discuss the diverse family, while learning effective conflict management skills and how to co-exist in their unique family circumstances. This group meets two times per month from October-March.




Gal Pals-(5th grade) A creative group of female minds who come together to explore and discuss some of the many characteristics that make girls special and unique. This group also provides a healthy atmosphere where the female student learns different techniques to help build her self-esteem and cultivate healthy relationships among her peers while brainstorming the different challenges that are presented to her. This group meets weekly for eight weeks.


BoysRBoys-(5th grade) This group explores the different and sometimes challenging characteristics of being young men, while providing a safe, trustworthy atmosphere to instruct our young male students on appropriate and acceptable social behaviors. Discussion will also include topics of managing conflicts with one another, their peers, and building healthy relationships. This group meets weekly for eight weeks.




I am LCES' SAT (Student Assistance Team) Coordinator, as well as the 504 Coordinator, should your child be in need of any modifications within the classroom.

I am also available to meet with parents individually or by phone to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child. Your child's academic, personal and social successes are of utmost importance to me.

LCES is truly a family atmosphere and I am blessed to be a part of your child's academic growth!