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"Eagle Battalion, Sir"

Cadet Duties
are responsible for...
  •  making operational decisions for the Cadet Battalion/Detachment
  • designating particular areas for inspection and/or supervision by members of the staff (requires reports as necessary)
  • inspecting work or staff orders
  • presiding over officer calls
  • making sure that all orders given, which require the attention of the members of the command, are passed clearly and without delay
  • working with school authorities in coordinating activities of the Cadet Battalion/Detachment with the other organizations of the school, and making sure that battalion activities are in accordance with school policy
The Executive Officer...
  • acts as commander of the troops
  • assumes command of the Cadet Battalion in the absence of the Battalion Commander
  • advises the battalion in the formation of policy and plans the activities of the Cadet Battalion
  • directs and coordinates the Cadet Battalion Staff
  • inspects the work of the Battalion Staff and makes other inspections as directed by the Battalion Commander
The Adjutant (SI) is responsible for...
  • preparing records and reports to the Cadet Battalion
  • maintaining cadet records
  • assigning cadets to units
  • publishing Cadet Battalion orders
  • maintaining the attendance rosters
  • maintaining the Cadet Battalion information bulletin
  • acting as secretary to cadet promotion and awards boards
The Public Information Officer (S2)...
  • published and executes the Cadet Battalion's recruiting plan
  • provides articles concerning the Cadet Battalion to the school newspaper
  • provides articles about the Cadet Battalion for use in the public media
  • coordinates public service events and plans such events in coordination with the S3
The Operations Officer (S3) handles...
  • the organization of the Cadet Battalions' operations, such as parades, reviews and extracurricular events
  • the preparation of the training schedule
  • the supervision and planning of field events
  • the marking and preparing of parade fields for reviews and other military ceremonies
  • the inspection of cadet training compliance
  • the maintenance of the JROTC reference library
The Logistics and Support Officer (S4) is responsible for...
  • maintaining accountability of all non-training equipment and supplies used by the Cadet Battalion
  • preparing requisitions for equipment and supplies as required for Cadet Battalion operations
  • issuing clothing, insignia, and other supply items as directed by the Battalion Commander and the SAI
  • advising the Battalion Commander of supply requirements of operations as they occur
The Special Projects Officer (S5) takes care of...
  • planning and coordinating special projects as outlined by the Cadet Battalion Commander and the SAI, in addition to the military tournament
  • maintaining records on all activities and coordination's as they pertain to the project
  • keeping the SAI informed as to the progress of the projects
The Battalion Sergeant Major oversees...
  •  the assistance of the Battalion Commander as directed
  • the supervision of the activities of the First Sergeant
  • the supervision of the Color Guard
  • the supervision of the roll call during classes
  • the supervision of the police of the JROTC classrooms, office spaces and areas in which JROTC activities take place
The Company Commander is the person who...
  • conducts training and supervises the discipline of the company
  • directs cadets in the manner of maintaining a good military bearing and appearance
  • supervises the completion of the class training schedule within the company
  • ensures that all officers and NCOs in the company are thoroughly familiar with FM 22-5
  • makes inspections of cadets in ranks with company officers
  • makes recommendations to the Cadet Battalion Commander on promotions in the company
  • reports all disciplinary cases to the Cadet Battalion Commander without delay
  • uses the chain of command to the utmost when issuing orders or making corrections
The Company First Sergeant is responsible for..
  • being the NCO-in-Charge of the company
  • supervising the training of the company and conducts company drill
  • taking the roll during class periods and other company and battalion formations
The Platoon Leader/Sergeant oversees...
  • his/her platoon when the Company Commander is not in charge of the formation
  • the training, discipline and appearance of the platoon
  • the attendance of the cadets in the platoon
The Squad Leader...
  • is responsible to the platoon leader and the platoon sergeant for the appearance and discipline of the squad
  • conducts squad drill
  • knows the number of personnel and the names of the members of the squad at all times
  • makes an accurate report by name of those persons present and absent during class activities, company formations, and other battalion activities
  • conducts weekly inspections of the squad
    becomes thoroughly familiar with FM 22-5

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