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Q:  What does JROTC stand for?

A:  JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.  It is a high school program whose purpose is to educate young people to become better citizens.  The program is conducted in a military fashion and cadets have an opportunity to learn about and demonstrate their leadership potential.

Q:  What does Army JROTC offer me that I can’t get anywhere else?

A:  Army JROTC is a fun and exciting Program that helps students get the most out of their high school experience.  The program focuses on practical training in areas such as marksmanship, first aid, CPR, map and compass, physical fitness and military science that is not taught outside the JROTC program.  Where else in high school will a student learn how to take charge of a large group, make decisions that affect a large number of students, or demonstrate their ability to lead others?  Cadets learn about themselves and how to deal with other people in a variety of situations.

Q:  Does a student in JROTC incur a military obligation?

A:  Students do not have a military obligation because they take JROTC in high school.

Q:  Does a student pay for their uniform?

A. Uniforms are issued to your student at no cost.  However, your student is required to have the uniform cleaned.  Since they wear their uniform once a week if they are careful and hang their uniform up when they are at home they can probably get by with cleaning the uniform once a month.

Q:  How often does a student wear their JROTC uniform?

A:  Cadets wear their uniform to school once a week, usually on Thursdays.  This is a big portion of their grade so it is important that they are in uniform as required.

Q:  Do I have to participate in Physical Fitness training, and how intense is JROTC physical fitness?

A:  Each cadet will participate in Physical fitness training on Fridays.  Please make sure that they dress appropriately.  We go to the track when the weather is nice and work out outside so it is important that they dress to go outside and that they are wearing tennis shoes so that they can run. When the weather is bad we work out in the JROTC Drill Hall.
Q:  Is it true that the Army instructors monitor attendance?

A:  First Sergeant Brownfield and I feel that attendance is critical for the success of your Cadet/Student.  If your cadet is out of school for more than three days expect a phone call or a note card asking about their condition. 

Q:  Does the JROTC Program do anything other than conduct classes during school?

A:  The JROTC PROGRAM is a very involved and active program.  Cadets can participate in a very active Color Guard, a State Championship Rifle team, or serve as members of the Honor Guard for official visitors.  The Cadets perform community service work throughout the community.  We clean the Davidson Cemetery in downtown Clarksburg three times a year, assist VFW Post 573 with road-side cleanups twice a year, sell programs for the Robert C, Byrd High School Academic/Athletic Boosters Club at the football games, place flags on veterans graves on the Friday before Memorial Day, and perform other community and school service projects. Cadets can participate in military history Staff Rides to Civil War battlefields, or attend an annual Summer Camp conducted at a major military installation.  Each year cadets have an opportunity to participate in over 110 events during the school year.

Q:  Can I get military credit for JROTC?

A:  Upon graduation, any student who desires to enter the US military, and is accepted by the service, may enlist at the pay-grade of E-3.  This represents an approximate $3,500 per year pay increase for former JROTC students who qualify.  Many of our cadets are so well trained that they assume leadership posts in their Basic Training units.

Q:  If I am in JROTC can I still participate in other activities outside of JROTC?

A:  Certainly.  JROTC cadets are members of all fo the various sports teams, involved in the band, student government, chorus and other clubs.  Cadets can spend as much or as little amount of time in JROTC activities.  Cadets who are members of the band or various teams are given the same credit for marching in parades as are cadets.

Q:  What might my friends say when I wear my JROTC uniform?

A. Some students may initially call you a “pickle” or “G.I. Joe”, but this is natural because as a cadet you set yourself apart from other students.  After a couple of uniform days this usually stops.  Over 10% of the students in the school will also be wearing the uniform on Thursdays so you won’t be alone.  Just remember to take pride in wearing a uniform that has defended the rights and liberties of this nation for over 230 years.  You will gain pride in yourself and your uniform as you start earning advanced rank and awards for performance as a cadet.  Some of these awards are given in class and others, the special awards, are given by a number of civic organizations such as the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution.

Q:  If I have other questions who should I contact?

A:  First talk to other cadets, they can answer most of your questions.  If you still need information contact  First Sergeant Brownfield he should be able to answer most of your questions or send you to those who can provide an answer. 



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