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 ARMY JROTC Curriculum

These are the core classes that are taught during the Freshman (LET-1) year of the Army JROTC Program.  There are other classes that are taught to supplement these parts of the curriculum.

Winning Colors:  We are all winners, some in different areas.  What is your best “color” and how do you understand how other person’s winning colors affect the way they operate?

Drill and Ceremonies: You will learn how to work as a member of a team.  After you have learned how to do the basics of drill and marching you will then learn how to drill with the Army Springfield Model 1903 Drill Rifle.  For those cadets who are proficient at doing Drill they will be invited to belong to the Color Guard and the Honor Guard.  Members of these groups travel throughout the state and get to meet distinguished members of the community, state and nation.

Physical Fitness Training: Cadets train to take the Presidential Physical Fitness Test every year.  This is a five-event test that involves sit-ups, push-ups, the mile run, the V-Sit and the shuttle run.  We work out every Friday and all cadets are required to participate.

Rifle Marksmanship Training:  Cadets will learn how to handle a .177 pellet rifle safely and will learn how to shoot.  Cadets may also try out of the State Championship rifle team.  Our team has won six State Championships and has gone to the US National Competition.

Leadership:  Cadets learn how to be leaders and then on Thursdays they get to demonstrate their leadership.  Upperclassmen and women also serve as Cadet Sergeants and Commissioned Officers and have an opportunity to run the JROTC Program.

Citizenship:  Our cadets learn about the US Constitution and the responsibilities and rights of being a citizen.  They demonstrate their citizenship lessons by performing public service projects throughout the area.

Map Reading and Geography:  Cadets learn how to read topographic maps and learn how to use a compass to navigate cross-country.

Military History:  Cadets study the history of the United States and how the US Military has been involved in making our Nation’s history.  Upperclassmen and women also take an annual trip to the Civil War battlefields of Gettysburg or Antietam. 

First Aid and CPR Training:  Each cadet learns how to save a life.  They will be trained in Adult and Infant CPR techniques and will pass the American Red Cross certification courses for CPR and First Aid.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention:  Cadets learn about the harm that alcohol and drugs can cause to their systems and how to avoid the peer pressure to avoid using illegal substances.



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