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Officer Candidate School

(and Resident Summer Camp)

Each year cadets are invited to attend our local Officer Candidate School.  In order to become a cadet commissioned officer a cadet must have completed Officer Candidate School (OCS) sometime after the end of their first year in the program.  OCS is designed to give the Candidates an intensive one-week training program in leadership fundamentals, methods of instruction, how to conduct physical fitness training and general management skills needed for cadet leaders. Current officers perform duties as TAC (Training, Assistance and Coach/Counseling) Officers.  The 2008 staff included Senior TAC's C/MAJ Adam Golden and C/MAJ Natasha Dollan. C/MAJ (P) Hannah Fryzel served as the Cadet Commandant and C/CPT (P) Justin Leary served as the Administrative Officer, while C/CPT(P) Felicia Hollandsworth was the Cadet Logistical Officer.  Squad TAC Officers included Alexander Chapman, Jonathan Haynes, Zachary Husk, Aaron Jenks, Benjamin Mays, Shane Wilhelm, Bradley Shingleton and Shauna McIntyre.  The West Virginia National Guard and the US Army Recruiting Command's Clarksburg detachment provided invaluable assistance to the success of the program.

2008 Officer Candidates

Candidates are required to attend all classes of instruction and are graded on their performance throughout the sessions.  Those who complete OCS may become Cadet Second Lieutenants at the beginning of the second semester of the school year, providing they successfully complete a one semester probationary period.  No cadet in the "Eagle Battalion" can become a Cadet Commissioned officer and a future leader of this battalion unless they have completed Officer Candidate School!

In 2007 the US Army cancelled JROTC Summer Camps (JCLC - JROTC Cadet Leadership Course) due to funding constraints.  With the approval on Mr. Pilewski and the Superintendent of Schools we conducted a summer camp program and attached it to the OCS Course that we already conduct.  Since this is a local initiative we invited incoming first-year cadets who had signed up for JROTC to attend.

2008 Summer Campers

While OCS was being conducted for the upperclassmen/women, Summer Camp attendees received instruction in drill, wear and care of the uniform, physical fitness training, and general cadet knowledge.

Officer Candidate School/Summer Camp was conducted from 20 - 27 June 2008.  Fourteen Cadets completed the Officer Candidate phase of training.  This included Cadets Brandon Beatty, Samantha Brown, Joseph Doll, Evan Foster, Rebecca Green, Jeremy Hardy, Morgan Knapp, Charles Lanham, Ryan Lawson, Austin McKibben, Jessica Pratt, Michael Pratt, Doris Smith and Charles Wolfe. Eight incoming cadets attended the Summer Camp phase.  This included Thomas Brown, Tyler Chaffins, Ronnie Adams, Austin Flowers, Cody Haddox, John Hall, Robert Starkey and William Tedesco.

After lunch all cadets participated in "Summer Camp" events that included:

Lunch is Served!  Cadets chow down on MREs

Rapelling/Decending Training:

Learning to tie the "Swiss Seat"

"Gee, it's a long way down there!"

Marksmanship Training:

"Ready, Aim, Fire!"

A "tip" from the Colonel

Service Project:

Cleaning up the Davisson Cemetery

The "learning" part of "Service Learning"  LTC Taylor explains significance of this spot in Clarksburg's history

One Rope Bridge and Rock Climbing Wall:

Crossing the One-Rope Bridge to "save" a friend

"Hand over hand, upside down - It's easy!

"Just Don't Look Down!" - Climbing the Rock Wall (Rock Wall was provided by the West Virginia Army National Guard.


OCS Graduates receive their diploma

Final Flag Ceremony:


Officer Candidate School/Summer Camp 2009 is tenatively scheduled for the second week of August 2009.  All incoming JROTC students are invited to attend.

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