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Summer Camp 2008

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Each year selected members of the Corps of Cadets are authorized to attend JROTC Summer Camp.  Most Summer Camps are held at active duty or National Guard military bases.  Cadets have attended summer camps at Camp Dawson, WV, Camp Atterbury, IN, Fort A.P. Hill, VA and Fort Knox, KY.

14 - 18 June 2008 - Fort Knox, Kentucky

Fourteen cadets attended Summer Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Events included Rappelling on the 54' Rappel tower:

Cadet Decending Tower

The Tower

Waterborne Operations:

River Crossing

TEAMWORK! Righting an Overturned Raft

"Smooth Sailing!"

The Patton Museum and THE GOLD VAULT!:

The Gold Vault of the United States of America

Patton Museum (Largest Tank Ever Made in Background)

Rope Bridging:

Crossing a One Rope Bridge

Rock Wall:

34' Rock Climbing Wall - Almost to the Top!

Climbing Complex:

Climbing Complex Tower (One of Three)

Crossing the Horizontal Ladders

Obstacle Course:

"Get Up There Cadet!"

"Over the Wall"

The High Step - don't slip!

The Weaver

Barracks Life:

Learning how to make bed - ARMY Style!

"Now This is the way its Done!" Hooha!

Shopping at the Post Exchange:

One of our cadets: "Looking for those bargains!"


One of our cadets receiving award from Brigade Command Sergeant Major

Next Summer (2009) we are anticipating attending Summer Camp at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia immediately after the completion of school.


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