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Teia Henline, September 2009 Employee of the Month


The September Employee of the Month was honored on September 16 for the work that she accomplished during the last school year. That’s when Teia Henline served as a classroom teacher and also as an itinerant teacher, working with children who have developmental delays.
     This is Teia Henline’s fourth year in the Harrison County School system, having previously worked in Williamsburg, Va. She made such a good impression on one of her co-workers last year that she elected her to be an Employee of the Month.
     In her nominating letter, Ann Krone stated that she was amazed at Teia’s ability to deal so well with her students, and at the same time making sure that the parents became part of their team. By making the parents so welcome, they were more likely to want to be involved in their children’s education.
     “She’s very innovative, always looking outside the box. She tends to put the best interest of the children first – which is not always the most convenient thing to do,” Ms. Krone said.
     Her previous supervisor, Lisa Ray, said Teia does a wonderful job working with children with special needs and she builds a great rapport with the families. She can tell Teia always has the best interest of the children at heart.
     In addition, Teia is known to work hard to meet every goal and expectation for her students, while forming a great relationship with the school and county staff.
     The Board congratulated her on becoming the September Employee of the Month and wished her well on her new position at Nutter Fort Primary. They presented her with several gifts, including a plaque from MCM Business Systems and a dinner certificate from Philip’s Pasta Cucina.  She is shown with Frank Marino, Nutter Fort Primary principal, Superintendent Susan Lee Collin, and Joann Gilbert, assistant principal.

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