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 2014-2015 Information

  • Upcoming Events:

    Nov. 18th-PTO at 2:45 in the Library

    Nov. 20th-Progress Reports go home

    Nov. 20th-Liberty Band performance at 1:15pm in the auditorium

    Nov. 22nd-Harrison County SS Fair (set up on Nov. 21st at the RCB National Aerospace Ed. Center)

    Nov. 24th-28th Thanksgiving Break

    Dec. 1st-5th- Penguin Patch

    Dec. 2nd- 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade to see Mary Poppins in Morgantown 

    Dec. 15th-19th-Christmas tree decorating contest 

    Dec. 16th-“Winter Celebrations” Christmas program 2nd/3rd Grade (9am students & 7pm public)

    Dec. 19th-Christmas Party for K-5th Grade

    Dec. 22nd-Jan. 2nd Christmas Break

    Jan. 8th-Harrison County Spelling Bee (Jan. 9th snow day)

    Feb. 2nd-Faculty Senate & P/T Conferences

    Feb. 5th-Science Fair set up

    Feb. 6th-Science Fair judging

    March 10th-Adamston’s Modern Woodsmen Contest

    March 21st-Harrison County Science Fair (set up on March 20th at the RCB National Aerospace Ed. Center)

    April 7th-9th Harrison County’s Modern Woodsmen Speech Contest



  • School hours- 
  • 7:00 Doors open to students
    7:30 Students are dismissed to their homerooms (cafeteria will serve breakfast)
    7:55 Tardy Bell Rings (all students must be in their classroom)
    2:15 Kindergarten dismissed through back doors
    2:30 Early bus is dismissed
    2:35  Walkers are dismissed (1st and 2nd through side door and 3-5 out front entrance)
    2:40 Late bus students are taken to bus room
    3:10 Last bus arrives