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Welcome to 4th Grade

Weekly Lesson News 

Have a great year in 4th grade !

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Nightly homework: Read for at least 20 minutes!

Tihs is our student teacher, Mrs. Fordyce.  She has been with us for about a month now.  We are very excited to have her and will miss her when she leaves, December 9th!


"Math Station Work - Skill practice"



however mountain mound scout
shout couch towel ounce
coward outdoors flowerpot scowl
browse announce hound trout
drowsy grouch eyebrow boundary

 *Bonus Words:   cauliflower, foundation, surround, allowance, counselor


The students will continue to review  division and realizing the correlation between multiplication and division facts using an array of different strategies.  We will continue long division through video, hands on, review, etc.

Different centers they will have this week and throughout the year (only some are mentioned)... problem solving flashcard game, word problems, multiplication war, reteach worksheets, multiplication/division board games of their choice, around the world, computer reinforcement, peer tutoring, etc.

*Be working on multiplication and division facts at home all year long!!


 Students are integrating their English with writing.  Also every week they will do a "Daily Four," where they correct capitalization erros, use the verb be, practice punctuation and conjunctions.


Students will begin Chapter 7, Life in Colonies.  They will compare/contrast physical geography, analyze roles of religion and government and journal daily life in the colonies.


*Main Skill -Inferencing 
The Students are reading "The Best (Worst) Christmas Pageant Ever"
The reading test is EVERY Friday!
Vocabulary terms for this week: 











The students will begin Chapter 5, Energy Transfer in Ecosystems.  They will be observing decomposing bananas and making food chains. *We will continue to observe our pet fish, Marcus Jr.  The class will do different things, such as shine a light, turn out the lights, etc., to chart what he does or doesn't do.  (Make inferences together)

The students write up a lab report for each experiment done in the classroom.  

- Physical Education; Students will begin Chapter 4, Fitness and Activity!





"Take the bait and remember these important dates!"


1/13 Two Hour Early Dismissal

1/19 Martin Luther King, JR. Day - NO SCHOOL

1/21 - Report Cards go home!!


 *****Parents-Please check your child's homework folder on a daily basis. Please make sure that when you are signing your child's agenda that they DO have their homework completed and they have studied for a quiz/test. Your signature assures me that your child is ready!!!!!!!!




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