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Welcome to 4th Grade

Weekly Lesson News 

Have a great year in 4th grade !

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Nightly homework: Read for at least 20 minutes!




 videos teeth  potatoes  themselves 
lives  leaves  cliffs  roofs
halves  moose  radios  sheep 
cuffs  beliefs  patios banjos
tornadoes  tomatoes  hoofs  loaves 

 *Bonus Words:   portfolios, embargoes, handkerchiefs, calves, lassoes


The students will continue working on Topic 3 for the next several weeks with multiplication - patterns, skip counting, basic facts, etc!

Different centers they will have this week and throughout the year (only some are mentioned)... problem solving flashcard game, word problems, multiplication war, reteach worksheets, multiplication/division board games of their choice, around the world, computer reinforcement, peer tutoring, etc.

*Be working on multiplication and division facts at home all year long!!


 Students are integrating their English with writing.  Also every week they will do a "Daily Four," where they correct capitalization erros, use the verb be, practice punctuation and singular/plural nouns.  


Students will turn in their timelines that they created of their lives, discuss.  We will be moving on to Chapter 4, Native Americans! Students will begin learning about the early american life and compare/contrast it to theirs...


*Main Skill - Summarizing
The Students are reading "Stuart Little"
The reading test is EVERY Friday!
Vocabulary terms for this week: 











The students will begin Chapter 2: Life Cycles - Students will begin by researching a plant/animal life cycle and depicting it in pictures on index cards.  (They will also be doing a sprout hands on activity, as well as a celery lab - review last week's topic)

 *We will continuoulsy be checking our Bread Experiment and chart results for our "experiment plan." 

The students write up a lab report for each experiment done in the classroom.  

- Physical Education; Students will take Chapter 1 test on Monday, and begin Chapter 2!!





"Take the bait and remember these important dates!"

10/13 - ISE DAY/Parent Teacher Conferences

9/26 FSU Trip for Fourth Grade 


 *****Parents-Please check your child's homework folder on a daily basis. Please make sure that when you are signing your child's agenda that they DO have their homework completed and they have studied for a quiz/test. Your signature assures me that your child is ready!!!!!!!!




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