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Mr. Powell's Class
2014 - 2015
 What We're Currently Working On...  
  Daily Homework:
Social Studies: 
      *****Parents-Please check your child's homework folder on a daily basis. Please make sure that when you are signing your child's agenda that they DO have their homework completed and they have studied for a quiz/test. Your signature assures me that your child is ready!!!!!!!!
  Spelling Unit 2/Week 2:  videos, teeth, potatoes, themselves, lives, leaves, cliffs, roofs, halves, moose, radios, sheep, cuffs, beliefs, patios, banjos, tornadoes, tomatoes, hoofs, loaves, portfolios, embargoes, handkercheifs, calves, lassoes(students learn ALL spelling words, including the challenge words.  Bonus words will be from the story we are reading).
Using descriptive words in our writing
Chapter 3- Multiplication (study facts nightly).
If possible, students can go on and to practice math problems throughout the year. 
Novel - Bridge to Terabithia 
We will be doing many activities were students will be practicing looking up information from a text to answer questions.  This will be done in all subject areas, especially Reading, Social Studies, and Science.
Social  Studies     We will be learning about the different functions of the government
 Writing  We will be finishing on our Narrative piece we started last week
                   Science We will be working in Chapter 2
            Health We will be continuing chapter 1.

What to watch for
  •   Agendas nightly with homework assignments!  Please SIGN the agendas EVERYDAY!!! 
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