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Mrs. Hardin's First Grade

The students are full of Holiday spirit.  They are working very hard on our economic unit Santa's Workshop.  They all did a wonderful job on thier letters to Santa.  Over the next few weeks they will be working on several more writing projects during writer's workshop.


Spelling Words Lesson 9

sun, run, jump, bump, nut, cut, must, rug, bus, up, bust, and slump

Word Walll Words Lesson 9

into, over, ride, your, and its


Ways You Can Help Your Child At Home


1. Practice the Spelling words nightly.


Have your child spell them out loud to you as well as write

them. Give your child a sentence using the spelling words

and previous spelling words and have them write the



2.  Practice the word wall words nightly.


Your child should be able to say the word wall words "Quick

as a Wink".  Don't forget to practice the old words once in

a while to make sure your child remembers them all. 



3.  Listen to your child read the books they bring home from

their Book Clubs.


Encourage your child to figure out words using strategies

that we are learning at school.  Have your child retell as

much as they can about the story,   



4 .  Practice the addition facts.


Your child needs to memorize the addition facts to 10.  That

means they need to know the answers as "Quick as a Wink"

without counting on or using their fingers.



5.  Practice counting real money.


Make sure your child knows the names of the coins and how

much they are worth.  The need to be able to count money up to one dollar.



Thank you for all you do!












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