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Welcome To Camp Loss!


Welcome to Camp
Campout is rolling along! We are reviewing Kindergarten Skills and getting know each other. Each student will be a "Star Camper" for the day. We'll be learning about each student and writing a little get aquainted story. We're also be reviewing the Kindergarten Sight Words, they need to be able to read these words "Quick as a Wink". You can find a list of these words in their binder.
 Spelling Tests will not begin until the second or third week of September when we have finished reviewing all Kindergarten skills.    
We began the first unit of Math Investigations August 18th. The children will be bringing games homes to play instead of plain worksheets. They will also bring home a "Math Keep At Home Kit" to use for the games. You will use this kit througout the year for the different games. Please keep the kit out of reach of pets and smaller children as we will not be able to replace them if lost or damaged.
 Planning Schedule
Wednesday-Library/2nd PE
Friday-Art/3rd PE
Please have your child wear tennis shoes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Important Dates and Events
August 22nd     PTA Pool Party
August 29th      Summer Reading Papers Due
September 1st     No School
September 4th     Fall Pictures
September 8th     PTA  6 p.m.    

Check It Out
Please check and initial agendas daily.
Book Logs are due on Fridays.
Social Studies
We'll be studying about "Labor Day" and how it came to be.
What is a Scientist? Do all scientists use test tubes ? We'll be studying about who scientist are. We'll be doing some investigating to find out.
Things to Remember
Your child should be bringing their agenda home nightly with any homework assignments they need. Please read nightly with your child for at least 20 minutes. 
Thank you for all you do to support our classroom!










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