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Mr. Reese  
4th and 5th grade Special Education
8/25/2014 - 8/29/2014
4th -   Reading, writing, comparing & ordering 9 digit numbers.  Rounding & estimating numbers.
5th -  Reading, writing, comparing, & ordering 12 digit numbers and decimals.
Reading / Language  Arts 
4th - Forming correct sentences & differentiate statements from questions.  Begin Spell-Read.
5th - Differentiating correct sentences from run-ons and fragments.  Begin Spell - Read.     
4th - sweet, three, freedom, each, least, eagle, season, below, flown, rainbow, throat, & float.
5th - fever, legal, broken, hotel, vocal, labor, acorn, label, agent, climate, silent, & item.
Spelling words for 1st week in September
4th - rally, soccer, accident, mitten, gutter, mammal, sudden, happen, flatten, cannon, magnet, & contest.
5th - coast, charcoal, groan, Spain, paint, maintain, complain, praise, speech, sneeze, arrow, & willow. 
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