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experience in non-traditional programs.
demonstrated experience in implementing
management skills in a
classroom environment.
5101.10 Home-Based Programs for Disruptive Students
The Harrison County Board of Education may provide home-based programs
solely for students expelled under the Productive and Safe Schools Act (W.Va. Code §18A-5-
1a) or for disruptive students who meet the eligibility criteria for Home/Hospital Instruction
under State Board of Education Policy 2510 – Assuring the Quality of Education: Regulations
for Education Programs.
Program Completion
Students may complete an alternative education program in one of the following
manners: (a) fulfillment of criteria for re-entry into the regular school program; (b) completion
of regular high school graduation requirements and awarding of a regular high school diploma
from the referring school; (c) completion of identified performance criteria leading to a high
school diploma; or (d) completion of a GED in accordance with State Board of Education Pol-
icy 2444.4: Issuance of High School Equivalent Diplomas, State of West Virginia.
5101.12 Program Evaluation
Considerations for Program Evaluation and Accreditation Reviews shall focus
upon the impact of the program on student performance and results using indicators such as:
academic gains, reduction in dropout rates, reduction in incidences requiring disciplinary ac-
tion, improvement in attendance rates, rates of successful program completion and return to
the regular school program, rates of successful completion of vocational training programs,
rates of successful completion of high school graduation or attainment of a GED, and rates of
successful job placement and job retention.
Approved by Harrison County Board of Education
Effective Date: June 25, 2002 Revised: May 21, 2012