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members during the first week of school by the principal and teachers.
For individuals enrolled in a Harrison County middle
high schools, the student
and his/her parent/guardian will be requested to sign and return a contract agreeing to abide by
the stipulations in the policy and consequences associated with violations. This will be accom-
plished at the beginning of each school year or at the time of individual registration. Each stu-
dent and parent will be required to return the signed Student Code of Conduct Contract that
will be given to them with the Harrison County Schools Policy and Administrative Regula-
tions Guide
These will be kept in the office for that current school year.
Harrison County Schools shall provide training for staff members during the first
staff meeting of a new school year. Staff members will be instructed in the use of the policy as
well as the importance of promoting the goals of this policy. Staff members will conduct stu-
dent training on the policy through Character Education and Responsible Students Programs.
Harrison County Schools shall review this policy bi-annually.
Individual schools will be responsible for implementing an education program for
each grade level to insure understanding of the policy including the policy’s goals and expec-
tations as well as the sanctions for violations of the policy. These plans will be filed with the
County Board of Education for approval. The teacher, counselor, or administrator will provide
orientation on the Student Code of Conduct to the class, group, or student body within the first
(5) days of school. This will be followed by periodic reviews during sessions designated by
the administration throughout the year.
4101.23 Identification of and Classification as a Persistently Dangerous School
Harrison County Schools will use the criteria set forth below to determine whether
a school will be classified as a Persistently Dangerous School. Beginning with the 2003-04
school year, data indicating the number of substantiated violations at each school as set forth
below will be collected using WVEIS.
A Harrison County public school will be classified as a Persistently Dangerous
School on or before July 1, beginning in 2003, and in each subsequent year, if the school has,
for two consecutive years, substantiated violations of the following offenses that exceed five
percent (5%) of the total number of students enrolled in the school based on the school’s sec-
ond month enrollment:
Battery on a school employee [WV Code 61.2.15 (b)]
Commission of an act or conduct that would constitute a felony under the
laws of the state.