Page 103 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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The Harrison County School Technology Plan shall be used throughout the system to pro-
vide direction and guidance in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of all areas of
technology. The plan, designed through input from all Harrison County employees, shall be up-
dated periodically.
The Harrison County Technology Committee shall have oversight responsibilities
and serve as a clearinghouse for the acquisition and equitable distribution of technology
throughout the school system.
All schools will have a technology committee which shall work cooperatively with
the Harrison County School’s Technology Committee in assessing needs, designing networks
and systems, and implementing new equipment usage and programming.
All purchases, both at the county and school levels, are expected to be in alignment with
the provisions of the technology plan. Technology in the Harrison County Schools shall empha-
size the use of equipment, platforms, and programming that will best prepare students to readily
enter the workforce with marketable skills and proficiencies.
Users have no expectation of privacy in their use of school technology and electronic com-
munication devices (TECD), network infrastructure, or Internet services, nor does the use of Harri-
son County School (HCS) TECD or related venues create an open or limited forum under the First
Amendment to the federal or state constitutions. The Office of Technology (OT) retains the right
to monitor all TECD and Internet activity by users, and any information or communications on
HCS TECD systems and network services may be intercepted, recorded, read, copied, and dis-
closed by and to authorized personnel for official purposes, including criminal investigations. Use
of HCS TECD, network infrastructure, and Internet services is a privilege, not a right, and can be
withdrawn by the Office of Technology (OT) or principal at any time.
The Harrison County Board of Education makes no warranties of any kind, whether
expressed or implied, for the service being provided. The Harrison County Board of Educa-
tion will not be responsible for any damages, including loss of data or service interruptions.
The use of any information obtained via the system
is at the user’s own risk. The Harrison
County Board of Education is not responsible for the accuracy and quality of information ob-
tained through the system.
The state, districts, and schools will use electronic resources as a powerful and com-
pelling means for students to learn core and elective subjects and applied skills in relevant and
rigorous ways to advance learning as referenced in W. Va. Code §18-2e-7, W. Va.
126CSR44N, WVBE Policy 2520, 21
Century Learning Skills and Technology Tools Con-
tent Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools (Policy 2520.14), W. Va. 126CSR42,