Page 105 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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No Internet access shall be provided though modems
, or
dial-up connectivity
digital subscriber link, cellular links, wireless hotspots, or any other Internet access device not
directly provided by HCS and/or the WVDE within any building in the Harrison County
School System except for emergency situations as determined by the Technology Coordinator,
Network Engineers or their designees.
All students within HCS must receive annual training, with appropriate training
documentation being maintained by each school for presentation on an annual basis to the
WVDE, containing, but not limited to, the following subjects: appropriate online behavior,
interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and chat rooms, along with
cyber bullying awareness and response. Information regarding these specific training sessions
may be found at and will be updated as
Each network user has access to a password protected personal folder on the net-
work in which they may save their work. With the exception of staff designated by the Tech-
nology Coordinator, this personal folder is for documents only and not for applications, pro-
grams, games, personal pictures (except for school related use), music files (except for school
related use) or videos (except for school related use). Users are completely responsible for
everything stored in their folders. Network engineers and administrators will routinely delete
non-educational items from user folders.
The use of electronic resources, technologies, and the Internet must be in support of
education and consistent with the educational goals, objectives, and priorities of the Harrison
County Board of Education and the WVDE. Use of other networks or computing resources
must comply with the rules appropriate for that network and for copyright compliance. Users
must also be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the network provider(s) serving
West Virginia counties and schools.
5601.5 Specific Violations
Use of any Harrison County Board of Education owned TECD, computer network,
computer program, or computer database for non-educational purposes by any outside group
or organization without the expressed, written permission of the building principal/supervisor
except for Board sponsored/approved activities such as after school tutoring programs, home-
work assistance programs, adult education, and graduate classes.
Any form of illegal activity.
Commercial, political, or for-profit purposes.