Page 107 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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tem, switch, hub, router, networking device, wireless networking, server, data storage system,
or any system available through the Internet.
Depriving or attempting to deprive other users of resources or access to computer
Using any computer system or network to send unsolicited, offensive, abusive,
obscene, or otherwise harassing, or illegal communications.
Using a computer account belonging to another individual. Faculty, staff, and stu-
dents are responsible for all activity originating from their accounts as well as for their safe-
guard and use.
Negligently, or intentionally and without authorization, accessing, altering, inter-
fering with the operation of, damaging or destroying all or part of any HCS TECD, computer
network, computer software, computer program, or computer database.
Failing to reasonably protect, or intentionally or knowingly giving or publishing
any password, identifying code,
security code or key, personal identification, personal identifi-
cation code, or other confidential information about a faculty or staff member, another student,
a parent or guardian, any other person, TECD, computer network, or database, including all
contracted database or other education services.
Inspecting, modifying or copying programs, data, or E-mail without authorization.
Placing any information in a Harrison County Board of Education or the West Vir-
ginia Educational Information System (WVEIS) computer network, or any system available
through the Internet that is not in keeping with the educational purposes of the Harrison
County Board of Education, West Virginia Department of Education, or WVEIS.
Providing false or misleading information when applying for computer access or
when being investigated for computer misuse under this policy.
Downloading, storing, installation, transmission of, or
executing non-educational
Using E-mail user ID’s other than one’s own ID.
Misrepresenting an individual’s identity or source of communication or data.