Page 110 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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therefore prohibited.
All software licensing agreements will be observed, as written.
Unless permitted by the license agreement, copyright laws prohibit the multiple
loading from one installation file or package to multiple devices not only at one site, but also
over multiple sites.
Users may not assist others in using, duplicating, or transmitting copies of software
obtained in a manner contrary to this policy. All users are obligated to comply with the Harri-
son County Board of Education’s, local school’s, individual faculty’s, staff’s, or State’s con-
tractual licensing obligations and agreements.
Only authorized personnel shall be permitted to install operating systems, software,
and applications onto a TECD for which a license has been purchased.
Students are not permitted to install any personally owned
operating system,
or application into onto
any Harrison County Board of Education owned TECD.
5601.8 Permissible Copying
Back-ups: Users may make back-up copies. However, copies may not be made if
specific contractual agreements prohibit the creation of a back-up copy.
Convenience Copies: Users may make copies of a program for use in more than one
TECD if the copies are to be used on TECD for which the program already has been pur-
chased and licensed.
Authorized Copies: Users may make copies other than those specified above if the
copyright owner authorizes, in writing, such copying.
All other copying of operating systems, software, and applications is strictly prohib-
ited. In particular, users shall not make copies of HCS, local school, individual faculty, staff,
or student owned software and shall not use HCS TECD to make or distribute illegal or unau-
thorized copies of any copyrighted software or media.
5601.9 Modified Software
Employees may rewrite or extend a program to enhance its usefulness, if: