Page 111 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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The copyright owner has not forbidden such activity;
Adaptation is required to use the program on a particular TECD; and, this
activity will not void or violate
any contracts.
The copying and use of such a modified program is subject to the same re-
strictions that apply to the original copy.
5601.10 Transferring Software
If software is transferred between faculty, staff members, students, schools, depart-
ments, or classrooms or to individuals or other organizations, the installation files or packages,
all documentation, backup copies, and upgrades shall be transferred. If applicable, a letter
stating the details of the transfer of ownership shall be kept on file in both local school offices.
5601.11 Limited Use Software
Software that is purchased at a discount for county, school, classroom or other lim-
ited use shall be used only in the manner authorized by the seller.
This provision is designed to prevent violations of the 1976 Copyright Act. It does
not pertain to non-copyrighted software, public domain software, or software acquired pursu-
ant to a site license. The terms of site licenses vary, and software distributed under a site li-
cense must be used and copied in accordance with that license. This policy does not address
the extent to which copyrighted software can be displayed or used for classroom instruction.
Educators may make fair use of software, just as they may make fair use of books or articles,
but the fair use doctrine may not permit the reproduction and distribution of complete copy-
righted material for classroom use year after year.
5601.12 Penalties
The Harrison County Board of Education does not require, request or condone un-
authorized copying or unauthorized use of computer software. Action in response to violations
of this policy may include, but not necessarily be limited to:
Site based disciplinary action, which may include suspension
Suspension or revocation of computing privileges;
Other legal action, including action to recover damages.