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Employees of the Harrison County Board of Education committing prohib-
ited actions will be held accountable and shall be subject to disciplinary action in accor-
dance with the School Laws of the State of West Virginia and applicable personnel poli-
5601.13 E-mail
E-mail represents a conversation between two or more users. If users receive a
piece of E-mail that they consider offensive, they may direct their problem to the appropriate
Although it is impossible to ensure the confidentiality of any electronic message
stored or communicated through the computing facilities, this policy articulates the procedures
adopted to provide users with a secure mail environment. While complete confidentiality can-
not be ensured, all E-mail is considered private. Except as noted under E-mail Contact Re-
sponsibilities (below) E-mail is not to be read by computing services staff or any others with
sufficient computer system capabilities. E-mail is a privileged communication between the
parties involved and will be subjected to the same protection afforded traditional paper mail.
5601.14 E-mail Access
To use E-mail in Harrison County Schools, it is necessary to have an E-mail ac-
count or user identification that is unique for each user.
It is recommended that all E-mail communications originating in a Harrison
County School shall utilize an E-mail account issued by the West Virginia Department of
Education and provided by the server. Students shall not use their personal
E-mail accounts unless their parent or guardian has granted specific written permission. The
responsibility for any non “” E-mail account lies with the administrator(s)
and/or educator(s) identified as responsible for those students using alternative E-mail ac-
counts or the administrator(s) and/or educator(s) identified as responsible for the E-mail server
being used.
5601.15 E-mail Contact Responsibilities
The E-mail Contact will be an assigned employee of the Harrison County Board of
Education and shall be appointed by the building principal/administrator. The E-mail Contact
is responsible for the administration, configuration, and documentation of E-mail accounts
within their respective building. Any student or Harrison County Board of Education em-
ployee wishing to apply for an ACCESS E-mail account shall make application to the West
Virginia Department of Education though the E-mail Contact.