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5601.16 E-Mail Violations
In general, policies and restrictions outlined in state and federal laws and additional
Harrison County Board of Education policies are applicable when using E-mail. Specific ex-
amples include, but are not limited to the following:
Forged Mail: It is a violation of this policy to forge an E-mail signature to
make it appear as though it originated from a different person.
Intimidation: It is a violation of this policy to send E-mail that is abusive or
threatens an individual's safety. The use of E-mail for sexual, ethnic, religious, or other
minority harassment is also prohibited. Known threats to personal safety will be reported
to the appropriate administrator and law enforcement agency as may be necessary.
Harassment: It is a violation of this policy to use E-mail to harass an indi-
vidual. This includes sending or forwarding chain letters, deliberately flooding a user's
mailbox with automatically generated mail, and sending mail that is deliberately designed
to interfere with proper mail delivery or access.
Unauthorized Access: It is a violation of this policy to attempt to gain ac-
cess to another person's mail files regardless of whether the access was successful or
whether or not the messages accessed involved personal information.
Illegal Use of Mail Services: It is not only a violation of this policy to send
copyrighted materials electronically, it is also a federal offense. All violations will be
dealt with severely. Any other illegal use of E-mail will also be dealt with severely and/
or reported to the proper authorities.
Transmitting unsolicited E-mail messages or chain letters otherwise is incon-
sistent with the curricula and educational mission of HCS.
Any form of cyber bullying, including but not limited to, harassment, intimi-
dation, discrimination, distribution of hate mail, or other antisocial behavior which is di-
rected toward any student, school district employee, or administrator through the use of
Internet, E-mail, mobile telephone, or any other technology or digital device, whether
initiated on or off school property.
5601.17 User Consultation
When responding to complaints or user questions relating to E-mail delivery the E-
mail Contact or other responsible individual may need to: