Page 117 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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other forms of direct electronic communications is prohibited.
“Hacking” or any other unlawful online activities is prohibited.
Disclosing, using disseminating personal information regarding minors is pro-
Distribution or publication on any Web page of any school interior maps, floor
plans, written descriptions of interior floor plans, camera locations, or other information
which could compromise school security is prohibited.
5601.24 Website Development, Management and Copyright
HCS shall recognize the HCS registered domain (and all sub-sites)
as the authorized domain for official HCS publications. All official school and teacher web
sites and content representing the Harrison School District or schools within the Harrison
County School District are to be part of the domain. HCS related sites (see pol-
icy 5601.25), including blogs, wikis, and other social media applications, which fall outside of
this domain must comply with all standards of the county and state Acceptable Use Policy.
Official Harrison County Board of Education related business electronic publications
include the
tag. All HCS websites shall strictly adhere to sections 10.1,
10.2, 10.3, and 10.4
of the West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2460. Websites and con-
tent are in the public domain and are potentially accessible globally. Official HCS websites
will not advertise links or logos of businesses with the exception of Partners in Education.
HCS Webmaster, school-based webmaster and designated personnel placing con-
tent on any domain webpage
are obligated to be responsible citizens and to con-
sider the sensitivity of the Harrison County Board of Education’s and the local school’s stand-
ing in the community and as a county and state representative. The HCS Webmaster, and the
school based web masters will monitor their respective official school and
county websites for
appropriateness of information and report any problems to the appropriate supervisor. Infor-
mation determined inappropriate or in violation of acceptable use
is subject to immediate re-
moval after consultation with the Technology Coordinator, the appropriate supervisor, and/or
the local school principal. Repeated postings of such information by the same individual or
organization may result in loss of web privileges. Those who post information are solely re-
sponsible for the accuracy, validity, and timeliness of its content and for keeping information
current. Webmasters and designated personnel should continually monitor links or content
contained within their webpages for obscenities, racism, violence, and hate related items.
The District reserves the right to block or remove inappropriate sites that do not
comply with district policy, or are not in compliance with Federal or State law, including