Page 118 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

Basic HTML Version

“Abandoned” web pages may be deleted at the discretion of the county web master
or Technology Coordinator.
All content on teacher assigned web page(s) is the responsibility of the assigned
teacher, principal, and related school web master.
5601.25 Contracted Sites Residing Outside of the Official Domain
Individual school, HCS, WVDE and USDE authorized, purchased, or partnered
content, government (.gov) and/or partnered/sponsored, and educational (.edu) and/or part-
nered/sponsored shall be used strictly as per contractual agreements. The publishers are solely
responsible for the content of their respective pages and all users for their own use.
Copyright Issues
All websites and content must comply with state, federal and international laws
concerning copyright, intellectual property, security and privacy standards, Children’s Online
Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Family
Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and the county and state acceptable use polices.
If you intend to hold the copyright of something that you post on the net-
work, then display the word “Copyright (c),” the year, and your name on the document.
HCS will observe all national and international copyright rules.
Page content (including photographs, graphics, whitepapers or code) must
not violate applicable laws or constitute any copyright or registered Trademark infringe-
When copyright use is granted, webmasters or staff must have expressed
written permission from the person or organization owning the copyright or trademark
(this includes professional photographs, educational materials, graphics, open-source code
agreements, etc.). Written releases (or contractual agreements) must be on file in the ad-
ministration office of the building associated with the webpage.
HCS websites and content are the property of the Harrison County Board of
Webpage content must not be offensive and must adhere to high community
and educational standards. Spelling, grammar, and information must be accurately pre-
sented. All content must be appropriate, decent, and not intended to harass or demean
individuals and/or groups.