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The principal or designee shall hold a meeting with the parent, guardian, or custo-
dian of a child when the child has five (5) unexcused absences in a semester. At this meeting,
an attendance appeal can be made by parent and student.
The attendance director shall serve written notice to the parent when a child has five
(5) unexcused absences in a year.
The attendance director shall make contact with the home to ascertain the true rea-
son for absence, to evaluate the home situation and the need for the student to be absent.
At the beginning of each school year, the school shall provide parents and students
with a copy of the county attendance policy. Any student enrolling during the school term
shall also be provided a copy of the policy.
Each principal shall establish a school-based attendance committee for those pur-
poses deemed necessary for the improvement of student attendance.
Uniform record keeping will be used in all schools for the purpose of maintaining
an accurate account of attendance for every student in every class through the WVEIS system.
The attendance record shall accompany any student who transfers from one Harrison County
school to another during the course of the school year.
4501.3 Definitions
The following absences shall be considered excused absences, provided that in each
instance written parental confirmation has been received where applicable:
Student illness
School sponsored activities which have prior administrative approval. Upon
return to next class meeting, student must be prepared for that day (test, quiz, homework,
ready to participate, etc.). Documented injuries incurred through participation in a school
activity shall not penalize the student.
Late or non-running buses with verification from the bus driver upon stu-
dent’s return to school.
Religious holidays (requires prior administrative approval).