Page 124 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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I _______________________
AGREE _________________
In support of the Harrison County Board of Education’s mission of providing outstanding learning oppor-
tunities, the Harrison County Board of Education provides technology and electronic
communication devices
(TECD), networking, and information resources to the public schools in Harrison County. This open access
is a privilege. Usage is not a right and may be rescinded at any time. It requires individual users to act re-
sponsibly, conserve resources, and consider the rights and privacy of others. All existing federal and state
laws, board regulations and policies apply, including laws and regulations that are specific to TECD, net-
works, the Internet, E-mail;
as well as those that are applicable to personal conduct
After reading the Harrison County Board of Education Technology Policy, please complete this form to
indicate that you agree with the terms and conditions outlined. The signatures of both the student and parent/
guardian are mandatory before access to computer resources will be granted. This document, which incorpo-
rates the policy, reflects the entire agreement and understanding of all parties. One form shall be signed and
kept on file at each school a student attends.
As a user of a Harrison County Board of Education TECD resource, I have read and hereby agree to com-
ply with the Technology Policy.
Student Signature: ______ Date: _______________
Student Name (Please print) _______________________________________________________________
School: _______________________________________________________________________________
As parent/legal guardian of the student signing above, I grant permission for my child to access TECD
resources, both stand alone and networked. These resources may include, but not be limited to, computers,
iPods, iPads, slate based computing devices, peripheral devices, academic software, library catalogs, maga-
zines, encyclopedias, databases, the Internet, and Intranets. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions
set forth in the Harrison County Board of Education Technology Policy, and I understand that I may be held
responsible for violations by my child. I understand that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable,
therefore I agree to accept responsibility for guiding my child, and conveying to her/him appropriate stan-
dards for selecting, sharing, and/or exploring information and media. I understand that all Internet use by my
child will be under direct teacher supervision and monitored as any other classroom activity.
to permit publication of my child’s likeness on HCS approved web
pages, printed materials, audio, visual, or electronic means, in accordance with
Policy 5601.26.1.6.
I further understand that I may rescind permission for pub-
lication as may be necessary by notifying the school in writing.
Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________ Date: _________________
Parent/Guardian Name (Please print): _______________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Home Telephone: _____________________________Daytime Telephone: ________________________