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Students and employees of the Harrison County Board of
Education may checkout computers, peripherals, and soft-
ware for a limited time under the following conditions:
1. The parent, guardian, or employee must provide suffi-
cient insurance coverage for all items checked out. The
name of the insurance agent along with the appropriate
policy number shall be provided on the checkout form.
2. The parent, guardian, or employee accepts full responsi-
bility for the proper use and care of all items checked.
3. Items may not be checked out for more than one semester
at a time.
4. Proper numbers of hardware, peripherals, and software
must be maintained at the school level to ensure ade-
quate Technology and Electronic Communication
Devices resources for student use.
5. Items may not be checked out by students over the sum-
mer vacation unless enrolled in courses which require
the summer use of such TECD or other situations as
approved by the Technology Coordinator.
6. All items must be returned with all hardware, peripherals,
operating systems, software, and documentation intact.
7. Any costs incurred to repair damaged hardware or soft-
ware due to negligence or abuse shall be the responsi-
bility of the parent, guardian, or employee.
8. Copying of installed operating systems, software or appli-
cations is strictly forbidden.
9. The hardware, peripherals, applications,
and software
shall be for educational purposes only and used ac-
cording to all guidelines set forth in this policy.
10. No changes to the hardware, peripherals, operating
system, software, applications or hard drives are per-
mitted without prior approval of the Technology Coor-
dinator or his/her designee.
11. The building principal and network administrator are
responsible for keeping track of all equipment checked
out and ensuring that proper resources are maintained
within their building.
12. No attempt shall be made to repair any malfunctions of
the hardware or software by any student, parent, guard-
ian, employee, or other person without the permission
of the Technology Coordinator or his/her designee.
I have read the above terms and conditions for the check-out of Technology and Electronic Communication Devices, peripherals, operat-
ing systems, software, and applications owned by the Harrison County Board of Education and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in
both this document and the Harrison County Board of Education Technology Policy.
Student Signature: ___________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________
Student Name (Please print): ________________________________________________________________________________________
School: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date _____________________________
Parent/Guardian Name (Please print): _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Home Telephone: ______________________________________________________ Daytime phone: ____________________________
Insurance Agent: _______________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________
Policy Number: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Employee Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________
Name (Pleases print): ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Make, Model, and Serial Numbers:
CPU: ________________________________________________
Monitor: ___________________________________________
Keyboard: ____________________________________________
Mouse: ____________________________________________
Peripheral: ___________________________________________
Software: __________________________________________
Peripheral: ___________________________________________
Software: __________________________________________