Page 127 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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Elementary Schools
It is the philosophy of the Harrison County Schools to require all teachers to teach the state con-
tent standards and objectives (CSO’s) for each program of study. Written tests measuring CSO’s
shall be administered by the teacher. In assessing the student's grade for each period, the teacher
will consider all aspects of performance (mastery of CSO’s, attendance, daily class participation,
extra credit projects, quiz scores, test scores, etc.)
Reports are made four times a year at nine week intervals. Skills on the report card will be
S - Satisfactory
I - Is Showing Improvement
N - Needs Improvement
U - Unsatisfactory
NI - Skill Not Introduced
Some multiple items are listed on the report card. For example: Identifies the colors circled:
red, blue, and green. These items will be circled if they have been learned.
Grades 1-5
1. Harrison County Elementary Schools will be on a nine-weeks grading period.
2. The teacher will determine if a student is above, on, or below level by the basal reader or
math text in which he/she is placed. All students will be marked according to their placement
in math and reading. First grade teachers may need to use the pacing or leveling scale of the
adopted basal series to determine if a student is reading below level.
3. Letter grades are to be used in the appropriate areas when marking report cards. All teach-
ers will use percentages when recording grades in their grade books for the letter grades
A, B, C, D, or F.