Page 128 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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No + or - markings are to be added to grades on the report card. To convert percentage grades
used in the grade book into letter grades on the report card, use the following:
A - 93 to 100
B - 85 to 92
C - 77 to 84
D - 70 to 76
F - Below 70
To calculate yearly averages, letter grades will be assigned the following weights: A=4, B=3,
C=2, D=1, F=0. The yearly grade is determined by averaging the letter grades.
4.0 - 3.5 = A
3.4 - 2.5 = B
2.4 - 1.5 = C
1.4 - .5 = D
.4 - and below = F
For those students in grades one through five taking second semester exams, yearly averages
will be calculated by averaging all four nine-week grades and the semester exam grade. For kin-
dergarten students taking second semester exams, exam grades will be recorded on the report card
as S or U.
4. It will be the responsibility of the special education teacher to determine the grades in sub-
ject areas completely taught by that teacher. When coordinating reading with Title 1, the
classroom teacher will be responsible for the developmental/remedial reading grade in the
regular class after collaboration with the Title 1 teacher. The semester report card from Title 1
is to be considered a separate entity.
5. In all grade levels (1-5), an "X" opposite a skill indicates a need for improvement.
6. All grade levels will base a student's conduct grade on the criteria and discipline plan estab-
lished in their school. This plan will be based on the discipline practice as adopted by the
county school system.
7. Recognition of any special awards may be recorded on the report card in the space provided
for teacher's comments.
Try to include at least one positive comment each marking period.