Page 13 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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Death in family (mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, child, spouse,
and/or legal guardian).
Life-threatening circumstances.
The principal shall investigate and declare any absence or absences unexcused when
circumstances dictate.
Excessive absences will be one of the considerations for retention of the student at
his/her present grade level.
Students may not be suspended out of school solely for failure to attend class.
A student who is suspended from school for a disciplinary problem shall have the
absence recorded as unexcused.
Students shall not be permitted to leave school before the regular closing hour ex-
cept for reasons approved by the principal and under circumstances which are necessary.
Upon presentation of an appointment card from a physician or dentist, and a
request signed by the parent, a child may be dismissed from school for medical or dental
appointments for such time as the specific appointment shall require. However, dental
and doctor appointments during school time are discouraged.
All requests to leave the building while school is in session, including the
lunch period, must be cleared through the principal’s office. Leaving school without per-
mission is classified as truancy and shall be handled as prescribed under Harrison County
Schools’ Discipline Policy.
A student who is physically absent from school is recorded absent.
Excused Student Absences - Absences that result from school-approved curricular/
co-curricular activities; failure of the bus to run/hazardous conditions, SAT Plan, IEP or 504
Plan and other county board approved excused absences.
“Documented chronic medical condition” means any physical or mental condition
that may require multiple or regular absences. This condition must be documented annually
with a valid physician’s note that explains the condition and anticipated impact on attendance.
The necessity for the absences must be approved and reviewed quarterly by the SAT, IEP or
504 team (See §5.3.3.d). Such absence(s) shall be considered an allowable deduction for pur-