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Grades 4-5
An A, B, C, D, or F will be given in reading, spelling, English, math, science, health, social
studies, and conduct for the entire school year. Band and strings will also receive an A, B, C, D, or
S, I, N, U will be given in handwriting, music, art, and physical education for the entire school
year. No yearly average will be calculated for these areas.
Revised: January 20, 1982, September 18, 1985, August 16, 1989, July 1, 1992, June 4, 1996,
March 21, 2000, July 1, 2008
Harrison County Board of Education
Secondary Schools
It is the philosophy of the Harrison County Board of Education to require all teachers to teach
the approved content standards and objectives as provided by the West Virginia Department of
Education (WVDE) for each program of study. In assessing the student’s final grade for each
grading period, all teachers shall consider all aspects of performance (mastery of content standards
and objectives, attendance, daily class participation, extra credit projects, quiz scores, test scores,
homework, etc).
Harrison County secondary schools will be on a six-weeks grading period.
The following grading scale will be used in all Harrison County secondary schools:
A = 93 to 100
B = 85 to 92
C = 75-84
D = 65-74
F = 0-64
I = Incomplete
Letter grades are to be used on WVEIS forms, report cards, and permanent record cards.
No + or - signs are to be used on report cards or permanent record cards. No conditions
shall be given. A student may elect to repeat any course in an attempt to earn a higher grade.
However, both grades shall be included to calculate the cumulative grade point average. To
calculate grade point averages for honor roll, participation in extra-curricular activities, rank in
class, etc., letter grades will be assigned according to the above scales.