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The semester grade is determined by using the three six weeks grades and the semester
examination grade. No more than two “F’s” may be included in the four grading units for a
passing semester grade. An average of one-half (1/2) is required for use of the higher grade
except in any combination of two D’s and two F’s.
An average of one-half (½) point is required for a passing semester grade, with no more
than two F’s included in the four grading units. However, any combination of two ”D’s” and
two “F’s” will result in a failing grade. If a student has earned two F’s in any of the three six
weeks grading periods, exemption from the second semester/term exam based upon atten-
dance shall be forfeited.
All grades of Incomplete shall be made up within the days allowed with the exception of
the final grading period of each semester which reverts to a grade of “F” unless an extension
has been granted by the school principal due to extenuating circumstances.
Good attendance is encouraged and is critical for academic success. Consequently, the
classroom teacher may assign a daily participation grade or may provide points for participa-
tion linked to the curriculum and content standards.
Once a student has taken the semester examination, NO provisions shall be made for retest-
ing and the examination grade becomes final.
Each teacher will file a keyed copy of the final comprehensive examination in the princi-
pal’s office prior to the examination days for both semesters, and the principal shall have ac-
cess to examinations taken by students at the conclusion of the semester.
No student schedule change may be permitted after 5 school days of each semester or
Grades serve legitimate educational purposes - to inform parents how the student is achieving in
school socially and academically; to help the student see himself as a learner and set his goals for
future areas of learning; to monitor the student for school placement; to assess the flow of students
into various programs; and to provide the teacher with an analysis of his instructional process.
* Content standards and objectives statements developed and adopted by the WV Board of Edu-
cation indicating the knowledge base and skills expected of students for particular programs of