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A student and his/her parent(s) or guardian, must register and sign a Student Motorized Ve-
hicle Registration and Waiver Form with the school principal before driving any motorized vehicle
onto school property. Every student in the Harrison County school system is provided with bus
transportation to and from school where the school is not located within walking distance. There-
fore, having a vehicle at school is not a necessity and should only occur in extreme cases. Parking
facilities are an extension of the physical plant of the school. School officials have the right and
responsibility to control and maintain the orderly operation of such property.
The following regulations shall apply concerning the use of motorized vehicles driven onto
school property by student drivers:
Observe the parking rules and regulations set forth by the school principals.
Observe a five (5) mile per hour speed limit on school grounds with no unnecessary travel
to and from student parking area.
Sitting in parked vehicles is prohibited at all times. When the car is parked, all students
must leave the vehicle. No student who drives a vehicle onto school property will be permit-
ted to transport other student passengers unless they bring written permission from all parents
or guardians involved and have the approval of the principal.
When vehicles are parked, it is advisable that they are locked with the windows up. The
school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
There will be no parking outside the designated parking area.
Provide school principal with access to the interior of any vehicle driven onto school prop-
erty which in the principal's judgement contain any contraband item or items outlined in FILE:
4101. e.g. illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, or alcoholic beverages.
The student driver and his/her parent(s) or guardian must sign the Registration and Waiver
Form prior to the issuance of a parking permit, which Form is attached hereto.
Failure to comply with these regulations or any part thereof, may forfeit a student's privi-
lege of driving a vehicle onto school property.
Harrison County Board of Education
Amended: December 16, 1981