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West Virginia Department of Education Policy 2510, adopted in April 2007, states: “County
Boards of Education shall provide alternative means for students to earn high school credit.” Ac-
cording to section 5.6.8.c of that policy: “A county may develop tests for the purpose of moving
students more quickly through the curriculum by “testing out”.” This practice is considered to be
acceleration, which the policy defines as a means of obtaining content mastery at a faster rate or at
an earlier time. Students who demonstrate academic readiness for various delivery options are
eligible for acceleration.
The county school systems in the RESA VII service area acknowledge the importance of the
teacher and the classroom environment in effectively engaging students in mastery of learning
goals and objectives. Generally, students benefit from the daily interaction that occurs within the
classroom setting. In this environment, most students are able to achieve success and earn course
credit toward high school graduation. However, to meet the needs of students who seek verifica-
tion of mastery of course goals and objectives through self-study, a regional Testing Out program
has been established.
To be eligible to test out of a core academic course required for graduation, it is recommended
that a student demonstrate a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 or 3.0 for the subject being
tested. A student may petition the school principal for special consideration of exception to this
criterion, with approval of the superintendent or his/her designee. The registration fee of $100.00
per test must be received in the RESA VII office with the application.
Student test mastery will be determined by satisfactorily passing the course-specific mastery
test with at least a “C” to earn credit for the course. The student will be tested on all curriculum
standards and objectives for the subject and grade level to be covered within the 2010-2011 school
year. The score the student earns on the test (percent score rounded up at .5) will be translated to a
letter grade for the course according to the West Virginia uniform grading scale. The testing out
grade will be counted in the student’s cumulative grade point average and class ranking and credit
earned through this process will apply toward the credits required for high school graduation.
Upon reviewing the test results, the student may decide to complete the course rather than use the
testing out grade.
Once the results have been received by the student, he/she will have seven calendar days to
indicate his/her decision related to receiving credit for the testing out exam. The student may
choose one of two options: