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Attendance Certificate Awards - Students who have achieved a perfect atten-
dance record during the course of each instructional year shall be awarded a Perfect At-
tendance Certificate. Students who have been absent five (5) days or less during the
course of each instructional year shall be awarded a Faithful Attendance Certificate.
The county shall offer incentives to promote attendance.
In lieu of first semester exams, every student in kindergarten through second grade
shall take diagnostic tests. Results will be utilized to improve deficiencies.
Every student in grades three through five will take skills tests consistent with the
county adopted aptitude test. Results will be utilized to improve areas of deficiencies.
Any student who has a 2.0 GPA at the end of the second semester in the class and
who has not missed more than ten (10) days of a class per year, regardless of excused reason
(s), shall have the option of not taking second semester exam(s).
Determination of the existence of an excessive illness or other extraordinary circum-
stances shall be left to the discretion of the principal.
4501.7 Semester Exams
Tardiness shall be defined as failure by the student to be on time for the beginning
of school or class. Three (3) instances of tardiness shall equal one (1) day of absence.
Students who have missed more than ten (10) days shall be required to take second
semester exams in the following subjects: Language Arts (reading, English, spelling) Math,
Science and social studies
All exams shall be given within the semester exam schedule of the school calendar.
4501.8 Attendance Director Procedures
The county attendance director shall diligently promote regular school attendance.
He/She shall ascertain reasons for absences from school of students of compulsory school age
and students who remain enrolled beyond the compulsory school age birthday.
In the case of five (5) total unexcused absences of a child during a school year, the
attendance director shall serve written notice to the parent, guardian, or custodian of such
child that the attendance of such child at school is required and that within ten (10) days; the