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A report of all school dropouts will be submitted to the West Virginia Department of
Any student who leaves school during the regular school day must have prior ad-
ministrative permission.
Uniform record keeping will be used in all schools for the purpose of maintaining an
accurate account of attendance for every student in every class through the WVEIS system.
The attendance record shall accompany any student who transfers from one Harrison County
school to another during the course of the school year.
Students must be in class 100% of the class period to be counted as present.
4502.8 Attendance Director Procedures.
The county attendance director shall diligently promote regular school attendance.
He/She shall ascertain reasons for absences from school of students of compulsory school age
and students who remain enrolled beyond the compulsory school age birthday.
In the case of five (5) total unexcused absences of a child during a school year, the
attendance director shall serve written notice to the parent, guardian, or custodian of such
child that the attendance of such child at school is required and that within ten (10) days; the
time frame as specified in W. Va. Code §18-8-4(b) of receipt of the notice the parent, guard-
ian, or custodian, accompanied by the child, shall report in person to the school the child at-
tends for a conference with the principal or other designated representative of the school in
order to discuss and correct the circumstances causing the unexcused absences of the child.
If the parent, guardian, or custodian does not comply, then the attendance director
shall make complaint against the parent, guardian, or custodian before a magistrate of the
county. If it appears from the complaint that there is a probable cause to believe that an of-
fense has been committed and that the accused has committed it, a summons or a warrant for
the arrest of the accused shall issue to any officer authorized by law to serve the summons or
to arrest persons charged with offenses against the state. More than one parent, guardian or
custodian may be charged in a complaint. Initial service of the summons or warrant issued
pursuant to the provisions of this section shall continue until the summons or warrant is exe-
cuted or until the end of the school term during which the complaint is made, whichever is
The magistrate court clerk, or the clerk of the circuit court performing the duties of
the magistrate court as authorized in section eight (8), article one (1), chapter fifty (50) of this
code (§50-1-8), shall assign the case to a magistrate within ten (10) days of execution of the