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summons or warrant. The hearing shall be held within twenty (20) days of the assignment to
the magistrate, subject to lawful continuance. The magistrate shall provide to the accused at
least ten (10) days advance notice of the date, time, and place of the hearing.
When any doubt exists as to the age of a student absent from school, the attendance
director has the authority to require a properly attested birth certificate or an affidavit from the
parent, guardian, or custodian of the student, stating age of the student. In the performance of
his or her duties, the county attendance director has authority to take without warrant any stu-
dent absent from school in violation of the provisions of this article and to place the student in
the school in which he or she is or should be enrolled.
All attendance directors hired for more than two-hundred days (200) may be as-
signed other duties determined by the superintendent during the period in excess of two-
hundred (200) days. The county attendance director is responsible under direction of the
county superintendent for efficiently administering school attendance in the county.
In addition to those duties directly relating to the administration of attendance, the
county attendance director shall also perform the following duties:
Assist in directing the taking of the school census to see that it is taken at the
time and in the manner provided by law;
Confer with principals and teachers on the comparison of school census and
enrollment for the detection of possible non-enrollees;
Cooperate with existing state and federal agencies charged with enforcing
child labor laws;
Promote attendance in the county by compiling data for schools and by fur-
nishing suggestions and recommendations for publication through school bulletins and the
press, or in such manner as the county superintendent may direct;
Participate in school teachers’ conferences with parents and students;
Assist in such other ways as the county superintendent may direct for improv-
ing school attendance; and
Make home visits of students who have excessive unexcused absences, as
provided above, or if requested by the chief administrator, principal, or assistant principal.