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4503.1 Rationale
The fundamental right to attend the public school places upon students the accompanying re-
sponsibility to be faithful in attendance. Excellent attendance is essential for a student’s suc-
cessful progress in the instructional program, in proper contribution in citizenship, and in the
workplace. Harrison County Schools will encourage, instruct toward, and recognize excellent
attendance. Harrison County Schools will also create a positive self-environment conducive
to learning and committed to helping students develop responsibility, self-discipline, and other
good work habits. It is a proven fact that students who attend school regularly learn more,
achieve higher grades and enjoy school experiences more; resulting in fewer disciplinary
problems, fewer dropouts and a more comprehensively educated and responsible adult.
Learning that is lost due to absence can never be adequately replaced.
Review of county attendance policy will be done yearly with input from a commit-
tee of teachers, principals, attendance director, parents and community leaders. This commit-
tee will also review current incentives to promote attendance as well as other incentives for the
school year.
If a revision to the Harrison County Attendance Policy is made, it will be submitted
to the West Virginia Department of Education for approval.
An annual attendance evaluation will be done to determine the effectiveness of the
policy. A monthly review of school attendance percentages will be submitted to county super-
intendent. At the end of the school year an attendance percentage report will be submitted to
the West Virginia Department of Education. This report will reflect the allowable deductions
as defined by the West Virginia Department.
An excused absence is an absence verified in writing by the parent and defined as one of
the accepted absences by the State of West Virginia for licensure to operate a motor vehicle. Veri-
fication of absence must be submitted upon return to school but no later than five (5) days after
return to school.
An unexcused absence is an absence that is not verified by the parent in writing for a class,
any suspended days out of school, or any expelled days out of school. Students may not be sus-
pended out of school solely for failure to attend class. Any unexcused absence forfeits a student’s
eligibility for any exam exemption. A student who is physically absent from school is recorded