Page 30 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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Any teacher shall have the option of requiring any student whose overall GPA in a
class is less than 2.0 to take the semester/term exam based on whether the student has worked
up to his/her potential during that
semester. However, if a student has earned two Fs in any of
the three six- weeks grading periods, exemption from that semester/term exam based upon
attendance shall be forfeited
Every teacher will give a written semester exam. Every student shall have the oppor-
tunity to take a semester exam.
All students who are exempt from second semester/term examinations are required
to have their parents file an out-of-school environment educational plan with the school de-
scribing what the exempt student will be doing in regard to college visits, job shadowing,
school-to-work transitions, education travel, home environmental work, medical appoint-
ments, educational visits, job training, part-time work, community service, and/or volunteer-
ism on those school days set aside for second semester exams
in order to excuse the student’s
attendance for the examination day(s). Failure to complete such plan will negate eligibility for
the exemption.
Any student who is absent any of the last five (5) days preceding semester exams
may be required to produce a doctor’s excuse. If found to be truant, that student will forfeit
his/her exam exemption eligibility.
Attendance will be taken in Advisor/Advisee, homeroom/first period and all class periods.
Teachers will send attendance slips to the office or document in WVEIS according to individual
school policy.
When a student accumulates five (5) days of truancy, then the principal must notify the
attendance director and parent. When necessary, the attendance director must contact parents to
ascertain the true reason for absence, to evaluate the home situation and the need for the student to
be absent. Any student under the age of 16 who is currently in grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 shall be
given priority treatment. Beginning with the 9th grade class of 2011-2012 students will not be per-
mitted to withdraw from school until they reach their 17
birthday and shall be given priority treat-
ment. An appropriate intervention may be referral to a student assistance team/program.
Parental notification requirements - School procedures shall contain at least the following
notification components:
At the commencement of each school year parents shall be provided with a copy of
the school’s attendance procedure. New arrivals during the school year shall also be provided
with a copy of the school’s attendance procedure.