Page 31 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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A written notice is required upon the student’s return to school. Failure to notify the
school in writing of an absence will constitute truancy and may result in appropriate discipli-
nary actions.
Parents may provide parental excuses for a student’s illness. Five (5) days of
parental excuses are permitted during a school semester. Parental excuses over the five
(5) day limit will be unexcused.
A report of all school dropouts will be submitted to the West Virginia Department of Edu-
Any student absent from school shall be given the opportunity to complete or make up all
work missed. The student will be given a day for each day absent to make up assignments, unless
the student had prior knowledge of a test, quiz, report, homework, etc., due date prior to the ab-
sence. In that event, the student would be required to fulfill those obligations on the day of his/her
return to school.
Any student who leaves school during the regular school day must have prior administra-
tive permission.
Uniform record keeping will be used in all schools for the purpose of maintaining an ac-
curate account of attendance for every student in every class through the WVEIS system. The at-
tendance record shall accompany any student who transfers from one Harrison County school to
another during the course of the school year.
Students must be in class 100% of the class period to be counted as present.
4503.13 Attendance Director Procedures
The county attendance director shall diligently promote regular school attendance.
He/She shall ascertain reasons for absences from school of students of compulsory school age
and students who remain enrolled beyond the compulsory school age birthday.
In the case of five (5) total unexcused absences of a child during a school year, the
attendance director shall serve written notice to the parent, guardian, or custodian of such
child that the attendance of such child at school is required and that within ten (10) days; the
time frame as specified in W. Va. Code §18-8-4(b) of receipt of the notice the parent, guard-
ian, or custodian, accompanied by the child, shall report in person to the school the child at-
tends for a conference with the principal or other designated representative of the school in
order to discuss and correct the circumstances causing the unexcused absences of the child.