Page 34 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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W. Va. code if committed by an adult, and/or,
e. unlawfully possessing a controlled substance governed by the uniform controlled
substances act as described in W. Va. Code 60-1.1 et seq.
The following are the accepted absences
for determination of excused and for con-
dition of licensing for Privilege of Operation of Motor Vehicles.
Illness or injury of the student requiring physician’s verification.
Medical and/or dental appointment which cannot be scheduled outside the
school day when the absence is verified in writing by the physician or dentist.
Illness of the student verified by the parents/guardian not to exceed three (3)
consecutive or five (5) total days per semester/term. Verification by a physician shall be
required if absences exceed three (3) consecutive days.
Illness or injury in family when student absence verified as essential by phy-
Calamity, such as fire in the home, flood, or family emergency upon ap-
proval by the school principal.
Death in the family, limit three (3) days for each occurrence except for ex-
traordinary circumstances. “Family” defined as mother, father, brother, sister, grand-
mother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother’s children, sister’s
children, student’s child(ren), or any person living in the same household.
4503.14.4 Leaves of educational value adhering to these stipulations:
Prior approval of school administrator
Prior submission and approval of educational plan upon student’s return
Leave not to exceed ten (10) days-verification of implementation of the educa-
tion plan upon student’s return
Leave to extend more than ten (10) days requires county board approval.