Page 36 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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Reinstatement requests related to withdrawal for suspension pursuant to W.
Va. Code 18A-5-1a and 18A-5-1b shall be reviewed after all disciplinary sentences have
been served for the purpose of reinstating the Driver’s Eligibility Certificate.
4503.15 Unexcused Absences
Any absence not meeting the above requirements shall be considered an unexcused
absence or truancy for driver licensing privilege.
Determination of the existence of an excessive illness or other extraordinary cir-
cumstances shall be left to the discretion of the principal.
4503.16 Homeless Definitions
Awaiting foster Care Placement – Any child or youth who 1) is in the custody of
the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, 2) has been placed in out-of-
home care, and 3) is not in a permanent placement. This includes, but is not limited to, chil-
dren and youth in family foster care, kinship care, emergency shelter care or in a residential
group home.
4503.17 Homeless Liaison
The attendance director shall serve as the liaison for homeless Children and youth
as defined in W. Va. Code § 18-8-4. As defined in McKinney-Vento Act, as the liaison for
homeless children and youth, the attendance director is required to:
ensure that public notice of the educational rights of students in homeless
situations is disseminated where children and youth receive services.
ensure that parents or guardians are informed of educational and related op-
portunities available to their children, and are provided with meaningful opportunities to
participate in the education of their children.
assisted in accessing all transportation services for their children, including to
the school or origin.
help unaccompanied youth choose and enroll in a school, considering the
youth’s wishes, and provide the youth with notice of his or her right to appeal the school
district’s decision.