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4602.1 General Provisions
Requirements for earning an athletic letter shall be consistent at all Harrison County high
schools. A letter is an athletic award that represents consistent participation and performance
throughout the season of the sport. Other, special athletic awards may be presented to those
teams and individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance at a conference, sectional,
regional, or state tournament level as determined by the athletic director at each school.
4602.2 Authority to present athletic letters
The head coach shall recommend the members of his/her team who have met the
requirements to earn an athletic letter. These recommendations shall be approved by the ath-
letic director.
The head coach shall provide the athletic director with documentation to verify the
award of an athletic letter for every student athlete that meets the qualifications set forth in this
policy. This documentation must be in written form and must accompany the recommenda-
tions from the head coach.
Student athletes who meet the requirements of this policy shall be awarded a che-
nille letter for their first recognition. Subsequent awards shall be recognized with the presen-
tation of a pin specific for that sport.
4602.3 Criteria to earn an athletic letter
Varsity Status. A student athlete shall qualify for an athletic letter on the basis of
his/her participation in a sport at the varsity level.
Attendance. A student athlete shall attend all practices and games associated with
their sport. Student athletes will be permitted two (2) excused absences per season, approved
by the head coach PRIOR to the absence. Excused absences will be documented by a physi-
cian or funeral director. The student athlete must complete the season as a team member in
good standing.
Sportsmanship. A student athlete represents his/her school and community and shall
conduct him/herself in such a manner that he/she is a positive representation of his/her school
and community. Failure to display appropriate sportsmanship at all times shall disqualify a
student athlete from consideration for the award of an athletic letter.