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4405.3 Privacy
All persons privileged with any medical information, whether staff or student, must
maintain the strictest rules of confidentiality.
Medical information shall be disclosed only to those individuals who have a direct
need to be made aware of a particular health care situation. This may include the principal,
school nurse, the child’s teacher(s) and appropriate service personnel.
4405.4 Role of the School Nurse
The school nurse will act as a pupil advocate and coordinator of services within the
school setting to insure that all relevant staff members be made aware of all pertinent precau-
tionary procedures.
The school nurse will also consult with the principal to assist in making responsible
decisions about students with special risk factors, such as students who aren’t toilet trained,
students with open sores that can’t be covered and students who demonstrate behaviors that
could result in direct inoculation of potentially infected body fluids into the bloodstream of
another individual (e.g. biting, scratching, spitting).
4405.5 Procedures for cleaning spills of blood and other body fluids
All body fluids including blood, vomits, urine, feces, semen, saliva and nasal dis-
charge shall be properly handled in accordance with this policy and administrative regulations.
All school staff shall consider any individual as potentially infected and shall utilize
proper techniques for the handling, clean up and disposal of body fluids.
Approved by Harrison County Board of Education
Effective Date: July 23, 2002 Revised: May 21, 2012