Page 44 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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Scheduled classes for the Harrison County Schools will not be cancelled unless the safety,
health, or well-being of the students is threatened by inclement weather or a serious emergency.
The superintendent is authorized to announce a two-hour delay in the opening of schools;
or to announce that school will be in session, but with limited bus runs; or to announce the emer-
gency closing of county schools for the day. Parents should use their own discretion concerning
sending or taking children to school. If a parent chooses to keep a child home, the child will be
counted absent; however, this absence will not count toward exams or five (5) parent notes, if a
note is brought to school indicating adverse weather conditions.
Public announcements and releases to the news media and on the board’s Web-site shall be
made by the superintendent or his/her designee as soon as possible. Due to temperature changes,
availability of salt and/or abrasive road materials and/or work accomplished by the highway de-
partment, decisions cannot always be made the night before. In such instances the news media,
parent notification system and web-site will announce a closing or delay at/or prior to 6:00 a.m.
with updates as necessary. Schools are responsible for encouraging parents and students to always
listen to news broadcasts and to check Web sites for a possible delay in school opening or cancel-
lation of school. If no announcement is made, school will be in session.
The following work schedule will be followed on days of emergency closing: All county
level personnel in the superintendent’s office, maintenance office and transportation office shall
maintain regular schedules, irrespective of school closings. When schools are cancelled county-
wide, the 250 day custodians, high school principals and maintenance personnel shall report to
work as usual. All other school principals are required to check their buildings. Bus drivers are
required to inspect and maintain buses daily irrespective of school closings.
On days of emergency closing due to snow, icy conditions, or emergency situations, all
extracurricular activities and evening activities at schools shall be cancelled. After the second con-
secutive cancellation day, it may be permissible to hold practices if the principal deems it neces-
sary, upon approval by the superintendent. However, under no circumstances would students be
required to attend should the practice be allowed. This policy provision does not apply to those
events (regional and sectional tournaments, etc.) which are scheduled by the WVSSAC.
The following work schedule will be followed on days of two-hour delays. School open-
ings will be delayed two (2) hours. All students will observe the two (2) hour delay. All employees
will report to work at their regular time, unless otherwise directed by the superintendent. Princi-
pals shall adjust their respective school schedules to accommodate the two (2) hour delay. Dis-
missals at the end of the day will be at the regular time.