Page 5 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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4404.3 Prescription Medication
When a teacher or other designated, qualified individual must administer or super-
vise the administration of a prescription drug, the “Authorization for Medication Administra-
tion” form must be completed in its entirety.
A letter from the physician is an acceptable alternative to the “Authorization for
Medication Administration” form, provided it contains all information needed by the school
nurse to safely supervise the administration of the medication.
A separate “Authorization for Medication Administration” form shall be used for
each medication.
If the medication or dosage is changed, a new form must be submitted.
4404.4 Non - Prescription Medication
Parent\guardian authorization is required prior to the administration of any medica-
tion, and must contain all information needed by the school to safely supervise the admini-
stration of the medication.
The written authorization shall include the student’s name, medication dosage and a
time to be given, along with any other information required by the school nurse, to enable the
school nurse to supervise the administration of the medication.
Dosages on the written authorization must agree with the directions on the labeled
medication bottle and must be age appropriate.
Herbal substances will not be administered by school personnel under any circum-
At the discretion of the principal, students in grades nine and above may be allowed
to carry and self administer over the counter medication as long as parent/guardian authoriza-
tion is on file at the school.
4404.5 Storage of Medications
All medications shall be kept in a secure location at school. The principal is respon-
sible for the designation of that location.