Page 50 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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Professional Pathway
Math I
Math II
Math III-STEM or Math III-LA
math choice of:
Math IV or its dual credit or AP equivalent
*Math I/II Lab courses will be offered to support successful completion of Math I & II.
LAB courses will be credited as electives.
*It is the intent that students will take mathematics annually. *Once a student completes three of
the required math courses for graduation, he/she may enroll in upper level courses including, but
not limited to: College Algebra, College Trig., AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statis-
tics, or others approved by HCBOE.
5. Foreign Language – Professional Pathway Only
A. Classes of –2013 and thereafter
2 credits in the same foreign language
6. Physical Education and Health
A. Classes of –2013 and thereafter– All Pathways
Physical Education
7. Fine Arts
A. Classes of 2013 and thereafter --All Pathways
1 credit of a Fine Art*
*Students in Skilled Pathway concentrations that complete state approved career/technical courses
that reflect creative and innovative arts content may substitute these courses for the arts credit re-
quired for graduation. Students who elect to substitute one of the listed CTE courses for the re-
quired art credit must enroll in an additional CTE course applicable to their selected CTE concen-